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Order Vacating Protection Order {JDF 415} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Colorado

Order Vacating Protection Order {JDF 415}

This is a Colorado form that can be used for Protection Order within Statewide.

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Municipal Court County Court District Court Denver Juvenile Denver Probate __________________________________ County, Colorado Court Address: Plaintiff/Petitioner: ___________________ ______________ Address: _________________________________________ _________________________________________ COURT USE ONLY Case Number: v. Defendant/Respondent: _____________________________ Address: _________________________________________ _________________________________________ The address of the protected party may be omitted from the written order of the Court,Division Courtroom including the Register of actions. CONTEMPT CITATION AND ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE To: _________________________________________________, Restrained Party It appears to the Court, based upon the attached Verified Motion for Contempt Citation, that you may have violated this Courts protection order issued on _______ ______ (date), and that you may be in Contempt of Court. You are cited and ordered to appear before _______ _________________ (Court) at the above stated address, on _______________(date), at _________(time), to show caus e, if any exists, why you should not be held inContempt of Court and punished according to law. You are hereby informed that you have the following rights at the contempt hearing: 1. The right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney and if a jail sentence will be considered, you may apply for Court Appointed Counsel. There is a required application fee. 2. The right to either a trial to the Court or a trial to a jury (if the contempt sanction exceeds 180 days). 3. The right to have this contempt matter heard by a different judge. 4. The right to plead either guilty or not guilty to the charge of contempt. 5. You are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. 6. The right to have each and every allegation in the contempt complaint proven by a preponderance of the evidence. 7. The right to confront and cross- examine all witnesses against you. 8. The right to present all relevant witnesses and evidence you wish at trial or hearing. 9. The right to request the Court to issue subpoenas to compel witnesses to appear and give testimony. 10. The right to remain silent. 11. The right to testify on your own behalf. If you testify, you waive your right against self-incrimination and the prosecutor may cross-examine you. If you fail to appear in Court at the time, date and place specified on this citation, a bench warrant will be issued for your a rrest without further notice and you may be further punished according to law for failure to appear. Date: _____________________________________ ___________________________________________ Judge Magistrate JDF 414 R7/04 CONTEMPT CITATION AND ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE American LegalNet, Inc. www.USCourtForms.com

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