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Order For Withdrawal From Blocked Account {57B} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Washington

Order For Withdrawal From Blocked Account {57B}

This is a Washington form that can be used for Guardianship within Local County, Spokane, Superior Court.

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(Copy Receipt) (Clerks Date Stamp) SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON COUNTY OF In the Guardianship of: CASE NO. ORDER FOR WITHDRAWAL FROM BLOCKED ACCOUNT ORDER TERMINATING GUARDIANSHIP (CLERKS ACTION REQUIRED) The Petition for Withdrawal from Blocked Account having come before the Court and the Court having reviewed the file and records and finding good cause, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED: A. Bank/Financial Institution is authorized and directed regarding from account # : to disburse the sum of $ dollars OR the entire balance OR to transfer control and possession of the account to (name of person to receive funds or account) for the purpose stated in the Petition for Authorizing Withdrawal from Blocked Financial Account. B. The funds shall not be repaid OR ORDER FOR WITHDRAWL FROM BL OCKED ACCOUNT PAGE 1 OF 2 2000 GUARDIANSHIP FORMS <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 shall be repaid as set forth in the Petition. C. The person receiving the funds shall file receipts for the expenditures within 30 days. D. The Court Clerk shall issue a certified copy of this order upon payment of the fee. E. This distribution does OR does not terminate the Guardianship and/or this case file. F. This matter is set for hearing at: Location of court: . At (time) on the day of , 20 , for the Guardian, Guardian ad Litem, Attorneys and parties to appear and present receipts for expenditures or transfers of the assets, if they have not already filed them. G. This Petition is denied without prejudice because the Petition does not have an inventory, report and accounting, OR financial statement attached. A new Petition may be filed when all documents are complete and attached. H. The Petition is denied with prejudice, because: DATED AND SIGNED IN OPEN COURT THIS DAY OF , 20 . Judge/Court Com missioner Presented by: Signature of Guardian/Attorney Printed Name of Guardian/Attorney, WSBA/CPG# Address Telephone/Fax Number City, State, Zip Code Email Address ORDER FOR WITHDRAWL FROM BL OCKED ACCOUNT PAGE 2 OF 2 2000 GUARDIANSHIP FORMS

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