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Jury Trial Order (Division I) | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Louisiana

Jury Trial Order (Division I)

This is a Louisiana form that can be used for Trial within Local Parish, Orleans, Civil District Court.

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CIVIL DISTRICT COURT FOR THE PARISH OF ORLEANS STATE OF LOUISIANA -SECTION 14 TRIAL ORDER Counsel certifies that all potential parties have been served and answered and that there are no other cases to be consolidated. Once a trial date is selected, no supplemental and amending pleadings or incidental demands will be allowed. The deadlines set forth in this order may only be extended by agreement of all counsel and by filing a motion to extend the cut-off date, or by contradictory motion. Parties agree that defendant has not been served and opt to select trial date. WITNESSES Plaintiff shall file his witness list on or before 12 weeks prior to trial date. Defendant shall file his witness list on or before 10 weeks prior to trial date. Each party shall file a copy of his witness list with the Court and shall mail a copy to his opponent on or before this date. Witness lists shall include the names of all witnesses, including expert and impeachment witnesses. No expert may be listed as a witness unless he has previously been interviewed and retained. Extension of the deadline for expert and impeachment witnesses may be requested in writing at least one week prior to the respective deadline. Expert reports: See LA. CCP Article 1425 (C) In absence of an order from the Court or stipulations of the parties, the expert reports shall be made at least ninety (90) days prior to the trial date, or, if the ert, within thirty (30) days All subpoenas shall be ordered with proper instructions and addresses on or before 30 days prior to trial date. Any witness not properly subpoenaed may testify if the witness voluntarily appears; however, the Court will not compel the attendance nor grant any relief for non-attendance. Any properly subpoenaed witnesses who cannot appear at trial are to be deposed and the transcript of that deposition shall be filed in the record prior to the date of trial. RULES TO SHOW CAUSE All motions and exceptions shall be filed on or before 7 weeks prior to trial date. Motions in Limine: Must be filed at least 72 hours before trial, inclusive of weekends and holidays. Daubert Hearings: Motions for hearings to determine expert witness qualifications shall be filed not later than 8 weeks prior to trial date; the motion shall be ruled on not later than 4 weeks prior to trial date. Summary judgments MUST be filed at least 65 days before trial so that they can be disposed of at least 20 days prior to the trial as required by law. 1. Hearings must be SET at least 30 days prior to trial, 2. Opposition memos must be filed at least 15 days prior to hearing, and 3. Reply memos must be filed at least 5 days prior to hearing. American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com CONFERENCE All counsel shall confer personally not more than 10 days nor less than 48 hours prior to trial in order to confect stipulations, discuss settlement and to mark and exchange all exhibits. A list of these exhibits shall be filed with the Court. If there is disagreement as to the use of any exhibit, the exhibit should be marked and each counsel shall file a memorandum setting forth his or her position. It shall be the to participate. Failure to confer may result in the exclusion of exhibits, refusal of the court to try the case or other sanctions. The failure of either counsel to cooperate should be reported to the court. DISCOVERY All discovery is to be completed on or before 8 weeks prior to trial date. Depositions must be set prior to the cut-off date with reasonable notice to all concerned. Interrogatories must be received at least 15 days prior to the cut-off date. Written notice of medical examinations and updates must be received by opposing counsel at least 10 days prior to the discovery cut-off. Medical evidence obtained after the discovery cut-off will be inadmissible. Quantum Non-Jury Trials All parties are required to submit a Quantum Study, proposed judgments and proposed findings of fact 48 hours in advance of the trial date. If the trial is set for Monday, the report is due on the preceding Friday. Plaintiffs shall submit a list of special damages one week prior to trial. TRIAL This case is set for trial based on the assertions made by counsel. The trial will be conducted based on the information produced from the listing of witnesses, from discovery, from the status of the case at the conclusion of discovery and from the exhibits and physical evidence exchanged and marked at the conference prior to trial. This is a bench/jury trial. If a jury order is signed after the issuance of the trial date, counsel shall notify the court for further instructions pertaining to jury trials. The trial of this matter will last days. If the case cannot reasonably be completed in this time, the court may discontinue the trial or may refuse to try the case. This case is fixed for trial on the merits on the day of at 9:00 AM. A pre-trial conference will be conducted on the morning of trial. Attorneys are to sign in on the docket in the courtroom upon arrival. Any matter which may cause delay of the trial shall immediately be called to the attention of the Court. Any objections to this trial order shall be made within 7 days of receipt of this order. Receipt shall be deemed achieved 2 days after mailing. If the trial is continued, all cut-off dates remain the same, unless new dates are requested. New Orleans, Louisiana, this day of , 201. ` Sharon Carter Sheridan By order of Judge Piper D. Griffin American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com CIVIL DISTRICT COURT FOR THE PARISH OF ORLEANS STATE OF LOUISIANA ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR JURY TRIALS DEPOSITIONS Each expert witness to be used in this case shall be deposed so that the deposition may be used in the event that the witness is unable to appear, or in accordance with LSA C.C.P. art. 1450. For depositions to be offered into evidence, the parties shall meet prior to trial and agree to the elimination of all irrelevant and repetitive matters and all colloquy between counsel. In addition, the parties shall, in good faith, attempt to resolve all objections to testimony so that the court will be required to rule only on those objections to which counsel cannot agree. As to all objections which cannot be amicably resolved, the parties shall deliver to the court, not less than two working days prior to trial, a statement identifying the portions objected to and the grounds therefor. Proponents and opponents shall furnish the court with appropriate statements of authorities in support of their positions. JURY INSTRUCTIONS The parties shall submit joint jury instructions and joint jury interrogatories to the court seven calendar days prior to trial (e-mail, CD or jump drive). To accomplish this, the parties shall serve their proposed instructions and interrogatories upon each other two weeks prior to trial. The parties shall then meet, confer, and submit to the court joint jury charges and interrogatories. As to instructions and interrogatories to which the parties cannot agree, each party shall submit a supplemental set of his or her proposed charges and interrogatories. authority and shall be submitted to the court not less than two working days prior to trial. Where applicable, the objecting party shall submit an alternative instruction or interrogatory related to the particular subject or principle of law. On the day of trial, each party may submit a concise written argument in support of his or her proposed instructions and interrogatories to which an opponent objected. GENERAL clerk. Counsel shall be prepared to read to the jury a list of witnesses that may be called to testify. Any witness whose name is not read to the jury shall be prohibited from testifying. Failure to strictly comply with the instructions contained in this order may result in sanctions, which may include the striking of depositions, instructions or the jury order. American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com CIVIL DISTRICT COURT FOR THE PARISH OF ORLEANS STATE OF LOUISIANA -SECTION 14 JURY DEPOSIT ORDER PURSUANT TO LA. C.C.P. art. 1734.1 Demand for trial by jury having been made herein, IT IS ORDERED that the party requesting a jury trial shall m

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