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Statement And Affidavit Of Registration Of Foreign Partnership {344} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Louisiana

Statement And Affidavit Of Registration Of Foreign Partnership {344}

This is a Louisiana form that can be used for New Entity Filings within Secretary Of State, Commercial Division, Corporations Section.

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Secretary of State STATEMENT AND AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION OF FOREIGN PARTNERSHIP(R.S. 9:3422)Return to: Commercial Division Foreign Partnership Enclose $150 filing fee Make remittance payable to Secretary of StateDo Not Send Cash P.O. Box 94125Baton Rouge, LA70804-9125 (225) CHECK ONE:( ) Original Filing( ) AmendmentCurrent Name of Partnership:Previous Name of Partnership: Organized under the laws of: State, County, Territory, Province or CommonwealthMunicipal address of principal place of business outside Louisiana: Municipal address of principal place of business in Louisiana: Name municipal address of agent for service of process who must reside in Louisiana: Names municipal addresss of partners (at least one must be a general partner): Does the partnership intend to own immovable property in Louisiana in the partnership name?( ) Yes ( ) NoAre any of the partners to have limited liability recognized in Louisiana?( ) Yes ( ) NoThe Partnership222s federal tax identification number:Before me, undersigned Notary Public in and for personallyStateParish/Countycame and appearedwho after being duly sworn, did depose and saythat he is a general partner in the above named partnership, that the information stated herein is true and correctand that he has the authority to certify the information in this statement.Signature of General PartnerNotaryDate Pursuant to R.S. 9:3422 the articles of partnership/amendment shall not be filed with the registration statement.However, by registering the partnership, the partnership agrees to furnish a true copy of its articles of partnershipto the ecretary of tate within 30days of his written request. SS344 Rev. 0 (see instructions on back) ( ) Conversion American LegalNet, Inc. INSTRUCTIONS In order to enjoy the rights, privileges and juridical status of a Louisiana partnership,and in order to own immovable property in this state or to have the limited liability ofany partners of a limited partnership recognized, a foreign partnership must file astatement and affidavit of Registration with the ecretary of tate.This form can also be used to amend a foreign partnership222s filing in this state, if theinformation contained in an original filing changes or was inaccurate when made.Until an (amended) registration form is filed, changes and amendments are noteffective as to third persons.Please call the Internal Revenue Service at (901) 546-3920 for information on howto obtain a Partnership222s Federal Tax Identification number. American LegalNet, Inc.

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