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Judgment Of Sentence Commitment To Jail (Designated Case) {JC 71} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Michigan

Judgment Of Sentence Commitment To Jail (Designated Case) {JC 71}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for Juvenile within Statewide.

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Approved, SCAOOriginal - Court1st copy - Jail2nd copy - Michigan State Police CJIC3rd copy - Juvenile4th copy - ProsecutorJIS CODE: JOSSTATE OF MICHIGANJUDICIAL CIRCUIT - FAMILY DIVISIONCOUNTY JUDGMENT OF SENTENCE COMMITMENT TO JAIL(DESIGNATED CASE)CASE NO.PETITION NO.ORIMI-Court addressCourt telephone no. 1. þ In the matter of en-US en-US 2. þ Date of hearing: en-US þ Judge: en-USBar no.en-USTHE COURT FINDS: 3. þ The juvenile was found guilty on en-USDateen-US of the crime(s) as stated below. en-USCounten-USCONVICTED BYen-USDISMISSEDen-USCRIMEen-USCHARGE CODE(S)en-USPlea*en-USCourten-USJuryen-USBy*en-USMCL citation/PACC Codeen-US*Insert 223G224 for guilty plea, 223NC224 for nolo contendere, or 223MI224 for guilty but mentally ill, 223D224 for dismissed by court, or 223NP224 for dismissed by prosecutor/plaintiff. þ 4. þ The offense adjudicated is abstractable to the Secretary of State under MCL 257.625(21)(a), MCL 257.732, þ MCL 324.80131, MCL þ 324.81134(12), MCL 324.81135(7), MCL 324.82157, or MCL 333.7408a(12). þ The juvenile222s driver222s license number is en-US en-US . þ 5. þ The licensing sanction is reportable to the Michigan State Police under MCL 333.7408a(12) or MCL 257.625(21)(b). þ Revoked. þ en-US Suspended en-US days. þ en-US Restricted en-US en-US days. þ 6. þ HIV testing and sex offender registration are completed. þ 7. þ The juvenile222s biometric data has been collected according to MCL 28.243 for all offenses punishable by 93 days or more. þ 8. þ A DNA sample is already on file with the Michigan State Police from a previous petition. No assessment is required. 9. þ Specific findings of fact and law, including findings regarding each factor in MCL 712A.18(1)(m), were made on the record. 10. þ The best interests of the public would be served by sentencing the juvenile as an adult. þ 11. þ The juvenile used a firearm in committing the crime. Jail time should be credited toward required detention. þ 12. þ The order delaying sentence dated en-US en-US should be revoked and sentence imposed.en-USSee additional page. en-USCTN/TCNen-USSIDen-USDOB American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com Judgment of Sentence/Commitment to Jail (Designated Case) þ (12/18) þ Page of Case No. Petition No. en-USIT IS ORDERED: þ 13. þ The juvenile is sentenced to jail as follows: þ en-US Report at en-USTimeen-US . en-USCounten-USDate Sentenceen-USSentenceden-USCrediteden-USTo Be Serveden-USRelease Authorizeden-USRelease Perioden-USBeginsen-USMos.en-USDaysen-USMos.en-USDaysen-USMos.en-USDaysen-USfor the Following Purposeen-USFromen-USTo þ Upon payment of fine and costs...................... þ To work or seek work....................................... þ For attendance at school................................. þ For medical treatment...................................... þ Other: en-US 14. þ The juvenile shall pay as follows: en-US(Specify fine and minimum state costs for each count, restitution, crime victim rights fund, reimbursement, þ attorney fees, and other costs. If item 8 is not checked, specify DNA assessment. Parental reimbursement, if any, may be entered on a separate order.) þ The due date for payment is en-US en-US . Fine, costs, and fees not paid within 56 days of the due date þ are subject to a 20% late penalty on the amount owed. If the juvenile is not able to pay due to financial hardship, contact þ the court immediately to request a payment alternative. MCR 6.425(E)(3). þ en-US The juvenile shall serve en-US en-US days in jail for failure to pay on time, as part of a conditional sentence. Prior to þ enforcement of jail time for failing to pay, the court must determine the juvenile222s ability to pay. þ þ 15. þ The juvenile shall be placed on probation for en-US en-US months and abide by the terms of probation. en-US(See separate order or JC 74.) þ 16. þ The juvenile shall complete the following rehabilitative services. þ þ Alcohol Highway Safety Education þ Treatment þ ( outpatient, þ inpatient, þ residential, þ en-US mental health) þ Specify: þ 17. þ Other: en-USDate þ en-USJudge American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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