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Judgment Of Conviction (Designated Case) {JC 70} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Michigan

Judgment Of Conviction (Designated Case) {JC 70}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for Juvenile within Statewide.

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Original - Court 1st copy - Juvenile Approved, SCAO 2nd copy - Prosecutor STATE OF MICHIGAN CASE NO. JUDICIAL CIRCUIT - FAMILY DIVISION JUDGMENT OF CONVICTION PETITION NO. COUNTY (DESIGNATED CASE) ORI Court address Court telephone no.MI- Police Report No. CTN/TCN SID DOB 1. In the matter of 2. Date of trial/hearing: Judge: Bar no.3. A petition has been filed in this matter and notice of hearing has been served as required by law. 4. The case was designated by the prosecutor court for trial of the juvenile in the same manner as an adult. 5. The juvenile appeared in person with parent(s), guardian, custodian, guardian ad litem, and/or an attorney. THE COURT FINDS: 6. The juvenile was found guilty on of the crime(s) as stated below. Date CONVICTED BY DISMISSED CHARGE CODE(S) BY* Count Plea* Court Jury CRIME MCL citation/PACC Code *For plea: insert "G" for guilty plea, "NC" for nolo contendere, or "MI" for guilty but mentally ill, For dismissal; insert"D" for dismissed by court or "NP" for dismissedby prosecutor/plaintiff. 7. The juvenile has has not been fingerprinted according to MCL 28.243. IT IS ORDERED: 8. The juvenile is convicted of the crime(s) stated above. 9. Sentencing is set for at m. at courtroom at before Hon. . 10. The juvenile shall report to the county sheriff within 24 hours and be fingerprinted. 11. Pending sentencing, the juvenile shall: continue in custody pursuant to the prior court order. continue to be released on bond pursuant to the prior court order. be released or placed in custody pursuant to the attached order. cooperate with and participate in services, evaluations, tests, and the sentencing investigation as requested by the probation officer. Parent(s) shall pay the cost of professional testing and evaluations. 12. Other: Date Judge JC 70 (6/03) JUDGMENT OF CONVICTION (DESIGNATED CASE) MCL 712A.2d, MCR 3.954

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