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Notice To Appear {MC 06} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Michigan

Notice To Appear {MC 06}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for General within Statewide.

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en-US en-USYOU ARE DIRECTED TO APPEAR AT: en-US The court address above, courtroom en-US en-US en-US en-US en-US en-US Judge: en-US en-USPlaintiff en-US en-US Personal serviceen-US en-US ven-USCOURT en-USROOM ORen-USPLACEen-USDATEen-USTIMEen-USDefendant en-US Personal service en-US Probable Causeen-US Conference en-US Preliminary Exam en-US Pretrial Conference en-US Jury Selectionen-USPlaintiff222s attorney/People en-US en-US Personal service en-US Jury Trial en-US Nonjury Trial en-US Sentencing en-US Motionen-USDefendant222s attorney en-US Personal service en-US Arraignment en-US Informal Hearing en-US Formal Hearingen-USOfficer en-US en-USThe above matter is adjourned from en-USDateen-USDate issued: en-US þ en-USClerk of the Court 1. þ Bring this notice with you. 2. þ No case may be adjourned except by authority of the judge for good þ cause shown. þ 3. þ FAILURE OF THE DEFENDANT TO APPEAR in a civil case may cause þ a default judgment to be entered. FAILURE OF THE PLAINTIFF TO þ APPEAR may result in a dismissal of the case. 4. þ FAILURE TO APPEAR in a criminal case may subject you to the penalty þ þ for contempt of court, and a bench warrant may be issued for your arrest. 5. þ If you intend to employ a lawyer, he or she should be notified of the date at þ once. 6. þ Fines, costs, and other financial obligations imposed by the court must be þ paid at the time of assessment, except when the court allows otherwise, þ for good cause shown. en-USFOR THE FOLLOWING PURPOSE: en-USIMPORTANT: READ THIS CAREFULLY en-USIf you require special accommodations to use the court en-USbecause of a disability or if you require a foreign language en-USinterpreter to help you fully participate in court proceedings, en-USplease contact the court immediately to make arrangements. American LegalNet, Inc.

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