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Order (General Order) {FOC 12} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Michigan

Order (General Order) {FOC 12}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for General within Statewide, Domestic Relations.

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Approved, SCAO Original - Court 1st copy - Friend of the court 2nd copy - Plaintiff 3rd copy - Defendant Additional copies as needed STATE OF MICHIGAN JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COUNTY Court address CASE NO. REFERRAL ORDER Court telephone no. Plaintiff's name, address, and telephone no. 1. An investigation was requested by one of the parties. 2. The court finds there is a final order or judgment and a. proper cause has has not been shown. (Applies to item 4.a only.) b. there has has not been a change in circumstances that warrants an investigation regarding custody. parenting time. 3. There is no final order regarding custody, parenting time, and child support. Attorney: v Defendant's name, address, and telephone no. Attorney: THE COURT ORDERS: 4. Referral to the referee for a. a hearing regarding custody. parenting time. support. b. a determination whether there is proper cause or a change in circumstances in custody or parenting time. 5. Referral to the friend of the court for a. investigation regarding custody. b. a joint meeting. c. alternative dispute resolution. d. support review. e. other: parenting time. support. 6. Psychological evaluation of the parties and/or child(ren) as described in item 8. 7. Motion is denied. 8. Other: Date Judge Bar no. MCL 552.505(1)(g) and (h), MCL 552.513, MCL 552.517(1)(e), MCL 552.642a FOC 12 (3/13) REFERRAL ORDER American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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