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Order For Change Of Venue {MC 316} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Michigan

Order For Change Of Venue {MC 316}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for General within Statewide, Civil.

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Original - Court 2nd copy - Plaintiff Approved, SCAO 1st copy - Receiving court 3rd copy - Defendant STATE OF MICHIGAN CASE NO. JUDICIAL DISTRICT JUDICIAL CIRCUIT ORDER FOR CHANGE OF VENUE Court address Court telephone no.Plaintiff name(s) and address(es) Defendant name(s) and address(es) v Plaintiffs attorney, bar no., address, and telephone no. On the courts own initiative 1. On motion by for a change of venue in this case, proper. the court finds that venue is improper. IT IS ORDERED: 2. Venue be changed to District Court. Circuit Court. Reason, if venue is proper: a. Venue is proper only because of the joinder of a co-defendant who was not joined in good faith but only to control venue. MCR 2.225 b. Multiple claims are joined in the action, and the venue of one or more would have been improper if the claims had been brought in separate actions. MCR 2.222(C) c. Convenience of the parties. d. Other: 3. Causes of action are severed. The cause of action entitled shall be transferred. The balance of the case shall be retained by this court. 4. The following costs/expenses shall be paid by : filing fees in the receiving court. other: No further proceedings shall be had after transfer until these costs/expenses are paid, and if not paid within 56 days of the date of this order, this case shall be dismissed by the court to which it is transferred. MCR 2.223(B) 5. Costs and/or expenses of the trial shall be paid by upon presentment of an order of a judge presiding in the jurisdiction to which the case is transferred. MCL 600.1655 6. The court clerk shall certify and transfer this case . The jury fee, if paid to this court, shall be forwarded to the receiving court. Date Judge Bar no.MC 316 (6/03) ORDER FOR CHANGE OF VENUE MCR 2.222, 2.223, 2.225, 2.226<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 INFORMATION FOR TRANSFERRING CASES CHANGE OF VENUE FILING FEES PAID BY JURY FEES PAID BY DUTIES OF OTHER OTHER CLERKS EXPENSES CONDITIONSFollow these instructions when ordering change of venue (on front) Moving party Charged to 1. Venue Originally Proper transferring court MCL 600.1655 Paid to Paid to Clerk of receiving transferring receiving court court court 2. Venue Originally Improper Plaintiff Chargeable Case to plaintiff dismissed by as ordered receiving court 56 days after transfer if fees and costs not paidNo form is available for transferring jurisdiction. The following transfer of jurisdiction information is provided to show the different requirements for change of venue versus transfer of jurisdiction. These instructions do not apply to the Order for Change of Venue on the other side of this form. TRANSFER OF FILING FEES PAID BY JURY FEES PAID BY DUTIES OF OTHER OTHERJURISDICTION CLERKS EXPENSES CONDITIONS1. District to Circuit Moving party Paid to Clerk of Clerk must By moving Circuit Judge receiving transferring present papers party as may require court court to District ordered additional Court judge pleadings to initiate transfer Circuit Court Paid to or Party Circuit Court District Court2. Circuit to District Paid to clerk retained by responsible cannot return Circuit Court for payment of file to Circuit. transferring clerk juror fees and Review order court mileage; by application District Court to appeal clerk notifies only; verdict parties of date can exceed file is received $25,0003. Originally Improper Plaintiff Forwarded by Party Notify Judge ofBy plaintiff Case transferring transferring as ordered dismissed by court if paid court if fees transferring and costs not court if fees paid in 28 days and costs or not paid in notify parties 28 days of transfer

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