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Claim For Benefits {5}

This is a Virginia form that can be used for Workers Compensation.

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en-USToll-Free:en-US 1-877-664-2566 en-US| Online: en-USwww.workcomp.virginia.goven-US en-US| en-USMail:en-US en-US333 E. Franklin St., Richmond, Virginia 23219en-USRev.en-US 2/18 en-USSignatureen-USen-USen-USen-USen-USen-USen-US en-USen-USen-US en-USen-USen-USen-USen-US en-USen-US en-US en-USen-USen-USen-USen-USI need assistance obtaining the following benefits. If the benefits are denied, this form will serve as a hearing request. en-UScontinuing en-UScontinuing en-UScontinuing en-UScontinuing en-US þ en-USen-US en-USClaim Form en-US*If claiming an occupational disease en-USen-US:en-USen-US en-USInjury en-USen-USen-US þ en-USen-USNameen-US þ þ en-USInjured Worker Informationen-USEmployer Information en-US American LegalNet, Inc. en-USInjuryen-USen-USen-US en-USClaim Formen-USen-USen-USen-USOrder. en-USAward Orderen-USen-USen-US en-USAlternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)en-USen-USen-USen-US en-USHearingen-USen-USen-US 225 þ en-USLifetime Medicalen-US 225 þ en-USTemporary Total Disability -en-US 225 þ en-USTemporary Partial Disability -en-US 225 þ en-USPermanent Partial Disability -en-USen-US 225 þ en-USMedical Expenses -en-USen-US 225 þ en-USDeath Benefits -en-USen-US 225 þ en-USOther -en-US en-US en-US*Medical Records & Subpoenasen-USen-USen-USen-US en-USToll-Free:en-US 1-877-664-2566 en-US | Online: en-USwww.workcomp.virginia.goven-US en-US | en-USMail:en-US en-US333 E. Franklin St., Richmond, Virginia 23219 en-USClaim Form Process & Instructions American LegalNet, Inc.

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