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Judgment Entry Appointment Of Conservator {20.1} | Pdf Docx | Ohio

Judgment Entry Appointment Of Conservator {20.1}

This is a Ohio form that can be used for Conservatorship within County (Court Of Common Pleas), Butler, Probate.

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<document>PROBATE COURT OF BUTLER COUNTY, OHIOIN THE MATTER OF THE CONSERVATORSHIP OF CASE NO.JUDGMENT ENTRY APPOINTMENT OF CONSERVATOR (R.C. 2111.021)Upon hearing the application for appointment of a Conservator herein, the Court finds that the petitioner is a resident of this County, or has legal settlement herein; that this Court has jurisdiction; and thatis a competent, but physically infirm adult, who hasvoluntarily petitioned for, and the Court does declareashis/her Conservator, and grants to the Conservator powers fully described in the Letters of Conservatorship.The Court further finds that powers of the Court shall be:1. Full powers as proscribed in the Laws of Guardianship of the State of Ohio. 2. Limited to the following powers, but not limited to the power to set bond, and all powers in Section 2111.021 of the Ohio Revised Code.The Court approves the bond as filed. The Court orders Letters of Conservatorship issue toas provided by law.DateProbate Judge9/1/91FORM 20.1. -JUDGMENT ENTRY APPOINTMENT OF CONSERVATOR2001 © American LegalNet, Inc.</document>

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