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Plaintiffs Motion To Dismiss | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Indiana

Plaintiffs Motion To Dismiss

This is a Indiana form that can be used for Superior Court No 5 within Local County, Hamilton, Circuit-Superior Court, Small Claims.

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) ) SS: COUNTY OF HAMILTON ) STATE OF INDIANA IN THE SUPERIOR COURT NO. 5 OF HAMILTON COUNTY ___________________________________ Plaintiff(s) vs. ___________________________________ Defendant(s) CAUSE NO. 29D05-____________________ PLAINTIFF'S MOTION TO DISMISS Comes now the plaintiff prior to trial or entry of judgment and respectfully moves the Court to dismiss the small claim in the above-entitled matter for the reason that: _____ (a) The case has been settled in full. _____ (b) Other: _____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ (Plaintiff should fill in blank with short explanation.) [NOTE: A case may not be dismissed once judgment has been entered. The judgment may be set aside upon request and the case then dismissed, or the judgment may be released as satisfied.] ______________________ Date ____________________________________ (Must be signed by plaintiff) ORDER The above motion is now granted. This small claim is ordered dismissed with / without prejudice. ______________________ Date ____________________________________ Judge, Hamilton Superior Court No. 5 rev. 12/00 petdis American LegalNet, Inc.

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