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Case Management Statement {CM-110} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | California

Case Management Statement {CM-110}

This is a California form that can be used for Case Management within Judicial Council.

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CM-110 ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY (Name, State Bar number, and address): FOR COURT USE ONLY TELEPHONE NO.: E-MAIL ADDRESS (Optional): ATTORNEY FOR (Name): FAX NO. (Optional): SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF STREET ADDRESS: MAILING ADDRESS: CITY AND ZIP CODE: BRANCH NAME: PLAINTIFF/PETITIONER: DEFENDANT/RESPONDENT: CASE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT (Check one): UNLIMITED CASE (Amount demanded exceeds $25,000) LIMITED CASE (Amount demanded is $25,000 or less) CASE NUMBER: A CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE is scheduled as follows: Date: Time: Dept.: Div.: Room: Address of court (if different from the address above): Notice of Intent to Appear by Telephone, by (name): INSTRUCTIONS: All applicable boxes must be checked, and the specified information must be provided. 1. Party or parties (answer one): a. b. This statement is submitted by party (name): This statement is submitted jointly by parties (names): 2. Complaint and cross-complaint (to be answered by plaintiffs and cross-complainants only) a. The complaint was filed on (date): b. The cross-complaint, if any, was filed on (date): Service (to be answered by plaintiffs and cross-complainants only) a. All parties named in the complaint and cross-complaint have been served, have appeared, or have been dismissed. b. The following parties named in the complaint or cross-complaint (1) have not been served (specify names and explain why not): (2) (3) c. have been served but have not appeared and have not been dismissed (specify names): have had a default entered against them (specify names): 3. The following additional parties may be added (specify names, nature of involvement in case, and date by which they may be served): 4. Description of case a. Type of case in complaint cross-complaint (Describe, including causes of action): Page 1 of 5 Form Adopted for Mandatory Use Judicial Council of California CM-110 [Rev. July 1, 2011] CASE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT Cal. Rules of Court, rules 3.720­3.730 American LegalNet, Inc. CM-110 PLAINTIFF/PETITIONER: DEFENDANT/RESPONDENT: 4. b. Provide a brief statement of the case, including any damages. (If personal injury damages are sought, specify the injury and damages claimed, including medical expenses to date [indicate source and amount], estimated future medical expenses, lost earnings to date, and estimated future lost earnings. If equitable relief is sought, describe the nature of the relief.) CASE NUMBER: (If more space is needed, check this box and attach a page designated as Attachment 4b.) 5. Jury or nonjury trial The party or parties request requesting a jury trial): a jury triaI a nonjury trial. (If more than one party, provide the name of each party 6. Trial date a. The trial has been set for (date): No trial date has been set. This case will be ready for trial within 12 months of the date of the filing of the complaint (if b. not, explain): c. Dates on which parties or attorneys will not be available for trial (specify dates and explain reasons for unavailability): 7. Estimated length of trial The party or parties estimate that the trial will take (check one): a. b. days (specify number): hours (short causes) (specify): 8. Trial representation (to be answered for each party) The party or parties will be represented at trial by the attorney or party listed in the caption a. Attorney: b. Firm: c. Address: d. Telephone number: f. Fax number: e. E-mail address: g. Party represented: Additional representation is described in Attachment 8. 9. Preference This case is entitled to preference (specify code section): 10. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) a. by the following: ADR information package. Please note that different ADR processes are available in different courts and communities; read the ADR information package provided by the court under rule 3.221 for information about the processes available through the court and community programs in this case. (1) For parties represented by counsel: Counsel has has not in rule 3.221 to the client and reviewed ADR options with the client. (2) For self-represented parties: Party has provided the ADR information package identified has not reviewed the ADR information package identified in rule 3.221. b. Referral to judicial arbitration or civil action mediation (if available). This matter is subject to mandatory judicial arbitration under Code of Civil Procedure section 1141.11 or to civil action (1) mediation under Code of Civil Procedure section 1775.3 because the amount in controversy does not exceed the statutory limit. (2) (3) Plaintiff elects to refer this case to judicial arbitration and agrees to limit recovery to the amount specified in Code of Civil Procedure section 1141.11. This case is exempt from judicial arbitration under rule 3.811 of the California Rules of Court or from civil action mediation under Code of Civil Procedure section 1775 et seq. (specify exemption): Page 2 of 5 CM-110 [Rev. July 1, 2011] CASE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT CM-110 PLAINTIFF/PETITIONER: DEFENDANT/RESPONDENT: 10. c. Indicate the ADR process or processes that the party or parties are willing to participate in, have agreed to participate in, or have already participated in (check all that apply and provide the specified information): CASE NUMBER: The party or parties completing this form are willing to participate in the following ADR processes (check all that apply): If the party or parties completing this form in the case have agreed to participate in or have already completed an ADR process or processes, indicate the status of the processes (attach a copy of the parties' ADR stipulation): Mediation session not yet scheduled Mediation session scheduled for (date): (1) Mediation Agreed to complete mediation by (date): Mediation completed on (date): Settlement conference not yet scheduled (2) Settlement conference Settlement conference scheduled for (date): Agreed to complete settlement conference by (date): Settlement conference completed on (date): Neutral evaluation not yet scheduled Neutral evaluation scheduled for (date): (3) Neutral evaluation Agreed to complete neutral evaluation by (date): Neutral evaluation completed on (date): Judicial arbitration not yet scheduled (4) Nonbinding judicial arbitration Judicial arbitration scheduled for (date): Agreed to complete judicial arbitration by (date): Judicial arbitration completed on (date): Private arbitration not yet scheduled (5) Binding private arbitration Private ar

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