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Information Sheet {240}

This is a Delaware form that can be used for Family Court within Statewide.

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Form 240 Rev 5/17 The Family Court of the State of Delaware INFORMATION SHEET - PLEASE PRINT Date: File No.: Please fill in A to K pertaining to you the Applicant/Petitioner. (For additional petitioners use additional sheets) A. Name: B. Address: City/State/Zip: C. Phone ­ Home: D. Employer & Address: Work: Cell: Hours/Shift E. Social Security No.: G. Place of Birth (City & State): F. Date of Birth: H. Sex: Race: Height: Weight: Hair: Marks/Scars/Tattoos: I. Type of motor vehicle operated by you: J. Driver's License No.: State of Issue: K. Your relationship to the Defendant/Respondent: L. Attorney: Eyes: Expiration Date: Please fill out the information below in reference to the child(ren) who are involved. Children Name Relationship Sex Race D.O.B. SSN Birthplace City & State OVER 1 of 2 American LegalNet, Inc. Form 240 Rev 5/17 Please fill in L to Y pertaining to the Defendant/Respondent. (For additional respondents use additional sheets) M. Defendant/Respondent is a: (Check One) N. Name: O. Address: City/State/Zip: P. Phone ­ Home: Q. Employer & Address: ADULT JUVENILE Work: Cell: Hours/Shift R. Social Security No.: T. Place of Birth (City & State): U. Relationship to Child: Not Applicable Mother S. Date of Birth: Father Relative Non-Relative Other (Please Describe) V. Sex: Race: Height: Weight: Marks/Scars/Tattoos: W. Driver's License X. Type of vehicle operated by State & No.: Defendant/Respondent: Y. Parent's Name (if a juvenile): Z. Time when Respondent is usually home: Hair: Eyes: AA. Additional information about Respondent that may aid the process server in locating him/her to serve petition: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ DIRECTIONS TO RESPONDENT'S RESIDENCE 2 of 2 American LegalNet, Inc.

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