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Deferred Disposition Order {JU 07.1320} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Washington

Deferred Disposition Order {JU 07.1320}

This is a Washington form that can be used for Juvenile Offense within Statewide, Juvenile Court.

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Ord of Def Disposition (ORDFD) - Page 1 of 6 WPF JU 07.1320 (06/2018) - RCW 13.40.127 Superior Court of Washington County of Juvenile Court STATE OF WASHINGTON v. Respondent. D.O.B.: No : Deferred Disposition Order (ORDFD) Clerk222s Action Required: Paragraphs 3.16 through 3.25 I. Hearing 1.1 Respondent appeared for a disposition hearing pursuant to RCW 13.40.127 on [Date]. The respondent asked the court for deferred disposition at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the trial. The court waived the 14 day requirement for good cause. 1.2 Persons appearing at the hearing were: Respondent Parent Pros. Atty. Parent Prob. Counsl. Other Resp. Atty. 1.3 Testimony was taken. II. Findings 2.1 The court found the respondent guilty of: Count Offense: Committed on or about: Count Offense: Committed on or about: Count Offense: Committed on or about: GV For the offense(s) charged in count(s) , domestic violence was pled and proved, RCW 10.99.020 2.2 The respondent meets the requirements of RCW 13.40.127 and qualifies for a deferred disposition. 2.3 The court has consulted with all interested parties. American LegalNet, Inc. Ord of Def Disposition (ORDFD) - Page 2 of 6 WPF JU 07.1320 (06/2018) - RCW 13.40.127 2.4 The court has considered whether both the juvenile offender and the community will benefit from this deferred disposition. 2.5 The court took into consideration the facts contained in the police report and/or probable cause affidavit and the Statement of Juvenile for Deferred Disposition. The record supports a finding of guilt as to each count, and the court finds the juvenile guilty of each count. 2.6 The respondent committed a felony firearm offense as defined in RCW 9.41.010, and: The respondent should register as a felony firearm offender. The court considered the following factors in making this determination: the respondent222s criminal history. whether the respondent has previously been found not guilty by reason of insanity of any offense in this state or elsewhere. evidence of the respondent222s propensity for violence that would likely endanger persons. other: . The respondent must register as a felony firearm offender because the offense was committed in conjunction with an offense committed against a person under the age of 18, or a serious violent offense or offense involving sexual motivation as defined in RCW 9.94A.030. III. Order It is Hereby Ordered that disposition of Count(s) of the Information be deferred for a period of months until upon the following conditions (only those paragraphs with boxes checked apply): 3.1 Community Supervision for months, effective . A. Respondent shall refrain from committing new offenses. B. Respondent shall comply with the Mandatory School Attendance provisions of RCW 28A.225 and inform respondent222s school of the existence of this requirement. C. Respondent shall perform hours of Community Restitution Work, at a minimum rate of hours per month, to be completed not later than . The probation counselor may modify this rate in writing. 3.2 Crime Victim222s Community Restitution (Service) Work: The following offenses involved a 223victim224 as defined in RCW 7.68.020 and are not a most serious offense or a sex offense. Therefore, pursuant to RCW 7.68.035, the court shall order up to seven (7) hours of community restitution per offense unless the court finds such an order not practicable for the offender. This crime victim222s community service work is consecutive to itself and to any other community service work imposed in this order: Count: Hours community restitution (service 226 0 to 7 hours) Count: Hours community restitution (service 226 0 to 7 hours) Count: Hours community restitution (service 226 0 to 7 hours) 3.3 Respondent is ordered to Possess No Weapons during this period of community supervision. Probation counselor is authorized to search respondent and items carried or controlled by respondent at scheduled appointments and other reasonable times and may specify in writing further details of this prohibition. 3.4 Counseling and/or information classes, as directed by the supervising probation counselor, including: . American LegalNet, Inc. Ord of Def Disposition (ORDFD) - Page 3 of 6 WPF JU 07.1320 (06/2018) - RCW 13.40.127 3.5 School/educational/vocational program, as directed by the supervising probation counselor, including: . 3.6 No use and/or possession of alcohol or illegal substances, including random urinalysis at the discretion of the supervising probation counselor. 3.7 Drug/alcohol assessment and follow-up treatment at the direction of the supervising probation counselor. 3.8 Respondent shall obtain a mental health assessment and shall comply with treatment recommendations unless otherwise ordered by the court. 3.9 No contact with the following victim(s) . 3.10 No contact with the co-defendant(s): . 3.11 Report to and maintain contact with the supervising probation counselor as directed. 3.12 Reside in the home of the respondent222s parent(s) or guardian or at other placement approved by the supervising probation counselor. 3.13 Keep the supervising probation counselor advised of the respondent222s current address and telephone number. 3.14 Commit no further law violations. 3.15 Submit to a curfew of , which may be monitored by electronic monitoring at the discretion of the supervising probation counselor. 3.16 Respondent is ordered to pay: FFJ Fine of $. PJC $100 CVC Fee for Most Serious Offense - Pursuant to RCW 7.68.035, a mandatory Crime Victim222s Compensation Fee of $100 is imposed because one or more of the offenses involve a most serious offense as defined by RCW 9.94A.030. Restitution is as follows (include name and address): Victim Amount: $ Victim Amount: $ Victim Amount: $ add to order Adj & dispo Restitution liability ordered: is joint and several with (name/case/referral no) . has been equally divided and the amount ordered is the separate obligation of this offender only. American LegalNet, Inc. Ord of Def Disposition (ORDFD) - Page 4 of 6 WPF JU 07.1320 (06/2018) - RCW 13.40.127 Restitution shall be payable as follows: At a rate of $ per month total (if not checked, no payment plan is set at this time; however, a payment schedule and rate may be set at a later date if requested by the juvenile.) Payable at a rate to be determined by the supervising probation counselor. The court finds the respondent has insufficient funds to pay the full monetary restitution. The victim/s: , agreed that the restitution owed to the victim/s may be converted to community restitution hours. It was was not practicable and appropriate to let the victim/s determine the nature of the community restitution. $ of restitution is converted to community restitution hours at a 1:1 hourly state minimum wage rate. The respondent shall perform hours of community restitution at any appropriate court-approved venue a venue consistent with the nature of the community restitution recommended by the victim/s which is . 3.17 HIV Testing: Count is a prostitution offense, or a drug offense associated with hypodermic needles, and therefore, Respondent is required to undergo testing for the human immunodeficiency (HIV/AIDS) virus pursuant to RCW 70.24.340. 3.18 DNA Testing. The respondent shall have a biological sample collected for purposes of DNA identification analysis and the respondent shall fully cooperate in the testing. The appropriate agency shall be responsible for obtaining the sample. This paragraph does not apply if it is established that the Washington State Patrol crime laboratory already has a sample from the respondent for a qualifying offense. RCW 43.43.754. 3.19 Firearm Prohibition: As a result of the adjudication of guilt as to: (1) a felony; or, (2) one or more of the following crimes committed by one family or household member against another: Fourth Degree Assault, Coercion, Stalking, Reckless Endangerment, Criminal Trespass in the First Degree, Violation of the provisions of a Protection Order or No-Contact Order restraining the person or excluding the person from a residence; or, (3) Harassment committed

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