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Petition For Continued Hospitalization of Minor {PCM 237} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Michigan

Petition For Continued Hospitalization of Minor {PCM 237}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for Mental Health within Statewide.

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Approved, SCAO OSM CODE: CHM STATE OF MICHIGAN FILE NO. PROBATE COURT PETITION FOR CONTINUED COUNTY HOSPITALIZATION OF MINOR CIRCUIT COURT - FAMILY DIVISION In the matter of , a minor1. I, , am the director or authorized representative of the director Name (type or print) of . Name of hospital 2. On the hospital received a written notice of intent to terminate the hospitalization of the minor from: Date the parent the guardian the person in loco parentis the minor who is 14 year of age or older and who was admitted by his or her own request. 3. The minor is a resident of , Michigan, was born on , and has parents, guardian, or person in loco parentis as follows: NAME RELATIONSHIP ADDRESS TELEPHONE Father Mother Guardian Person in loco parentis 4. The minor is suitable for hospitalization because the minor requires treatment, is in need of hospitalization and is expected to benefit from hospitalization, and an appropriate, less restrictive alternative to hospitalization is not available. 5. The minor requires treatment because: of a substantial disorder of thought or mood that significantly impairs judgment, behavior, capacity to recognize reality, or ability to cope with the ordinary demands of life. of a severe or persistent emotional condition characterized by seriously impaired personality development, individual adjustment, social adjustment, or emotional growth which is demonstrated in behavior symptomatic of that impairment. 6. This conclusion is based upon: (PLEASE SEE OTHER SIDE) Do not write below this line - For court use only PCM 237 (9/97) PETITION FOR CONTINUED HOSPITALIZATION OF MINOR MCL 330.1498o; MSA 14.800(498o)<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 27. The minor will benefit from hospitalization as follows: 8. I request that the minor be determined suitable for hospitalization and ordered to continue hospitalization for not more than 60 days. I declare that this petition has been examined by me and that its contents are true to the best of my information, knowledge, andbelief. Date Signature of petitioner Title of petitionerThis petition is accompanied by one certificate executed by a child and adolescent psychiatrist and one certificate of a physician. licensed psychologist.

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