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Civil Default Checklist For Default Judgment Packets {CVC50f} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Arizona

Civil Default Checklist For Default Judgment Packets {CVC50f}

This is a Arizona form that can be used for Civil within Local County, Maricopa, Superior Court.

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CIVIL DEFAULT CHECKLIST FOR DEFAULT JUDGMENT PACKETS (Revised 1/2017) CV Printed Name of Attorney Signing the Certification Instructions: Certain documents are required for every Rule 55(b)(1) default judgment packet submitted. File the original documents with the Clerk of Court or e-file first and then submit filed stamped copies of the documents in the packet. Use of this packet will also help organize the documents required for a Rule 55(b)(2) hearing. Review each packet thoroughly before submitting. Place a check mark next to the document to indicate that the document is included with the packet and HIGHLIGHT where required. Please be advised of the following: This cover sheet must be the top page of the packet. Any packet missing this cover sheet or the required highlighting may be summarily rejected and returned without review. An attorney must sign the certification required by this cover sheet. After this cover sheet, please place the relevant documents in the following order (from top to bottom): Form of Judgment (required 226 include the appropriate Rule 54(b) or (c) language) (at least two copies) Affidavits of Service of Process for each defaulted Defendant (required) Rule 4.2(c) Affidavit (required when a defendant is served by certified mail out-of-state) Affidavit of Service by Publication (including the newspaper222s Notice of Publication) (required) Affidavit in Support of Publication (explaining diligent efforts made to try to locate and personally serve Defendant) (required) Affidavit in Support of Service through the Arizona Corporation Commission (explaining efforts to locate an officer or agent in state before serving the ACC and whether the ACC subsequently rejected the service. Optional but may avoid a rejection.) Application for Entry of Default (required) Affidavit of Default for Entry of Default (required) Rule 55(b)(1) Motion for Entry of Default Judgment (required) Sum Certain Affidavit (required -- must state that the amount set forth in the judgment that remains due and owing after applying all payments, credits, and offsets) Pre-judgment Interest or Late Fees Calculation (if the form of judgment includes a specific amount for pre-judgment interest or late fees and the specific amount has not been set forth in the complaint, submit a summary showing how the specific amount was calculated and include a statement discussing why the particular beginning date for the calculations was selected) Contract Provisions for Attorneys222 Fees / Interest Rate / Late Fees / Other Charges 226 required if applicable -- INCLUDE, HIGHLIGHT and TAB all relevant provisions of the CONTRACT For interest rates in credit card cases: submit, highlight, and tab the actual contract provision showing the interest rate, not just the statement. Attorneys222 Fees Not Based upon Contract are authorized under the following statutes or for the following reasons: List statute number(s): (Remember, A.R.S. 247 12-341.01 does not apply if the defendant has not contested the action) Affidavit for Attorneys222 Fees (required if seeking fees -- must set forth the tasks performed and time spent on each task) Statement of Costs (required -- attach any affidavits of attempted service for which you are seeking costs; generally, costs will not be awarded for service on defendants who are not included in the default judgment) I certify that I have reviewed the attached default packet. The documents checked above are included and are highlighted and tabbed where required. The documents not checked and not included are not relevant to this default proceeding. Attorney Name and Bar Number Date Page 1 of 1 251 Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County CVC50f - 012617 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 5948 American LegalNet, Inc.

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