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Notice Of Trustees Final Report Hearings Buffalo | Pdf Fpdf Docx | New York

Notice Of Trustees Final Report Hearings Buffalo

This is a New York form that can be used for Western District within Federal, Bankruptcy Court.

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UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURTWestern District of New YorkOlympic Towers300 Pearl Street, Suite 250Buffalo, NY In reCase No.:Chapter:SSN/Tax ID:Debtor(s)NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SUMMARY OF FINAL REPORT AND ACCOUNT, HEARING ON APPLICATIONS FORCOMPENSATION AND HEARING ON SUBSTANTIVE CONSOLIDATION (if applicable)TO THE DEBTOR(s), CREDITORS AND PARTIES IN INTEREST:The United States Trustee Form 101-7-NFR: The Notice of Trustee222s Final Report and Applications for Compensation is attached. Notice ishereby given that there will be a hearing regarding the Trustee222s report held before the Honorable , United StatesBankruptcy Judge on:DATE/TIME/LOCATION OF HEARINGfor the purpose (as appropriate) of examining and passing on the attached report(s) and account(s), acting on applications for compensation, andto transact such other business as may properly come before said hearing.You are invited but not required to attend this hearing and be heard on this proposal. Creditors may be heard before the Court makes its decisionson these applications. The Court will also entertain any opposition creditors may have to the trustee's summary of the final report and account andthe matter concerning substantive consolidation (if applicable). (If box is checked): You can be affected by a substantive consolidation. When estates are consolidated, the assets of the debtor and and theassets of the joint debtor are treated as one pool of assets, to be shared in by all creditors even if a creditor is owed money only by the only one ofthe debtors. Therefore, you may be affected positively or negatively. An overall advantage of consolidation is that it avoids disputes over the actualownership of marital assets; the costs of such disputes could reduce the amounts available to all creditors. (If box is checked:) The debtor(s) has been discharged.Dated:PAUL R. WARRENClerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court American LegalNet, Inc.

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