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Order For Commitment (Sexually Violent Predator) {CR-173} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | California

Order For Commitment (Sexually Violent Predator) {CR-173}

This is a California form that can be used for Criminal within Judicial Council.

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Form Approved for Optional Use Judicial Council of California CR-173 [Rev. September 1, 2018]ORDER FOR COMMITMENT (Sexually Violent Predator)Welfare and Institutions Code, 247 6604 www.courts.ca.govPage 1 of 1 1.After the trial in the above captioned matter on the allegations in the petition were found true beyond a reasonable doubt. At the trial the found:That the respondent has a diagnosed mental disorder that makes him or her a danger to the health and safety of others in that it is likely that respondent will engage in sexually violent predatory criminal behavior. Thus, the respondent is a "sexually violent predator" as defined in Welfare and Institutions Code section 6600.THEREFORE, THE COURT ORDERSThat the respondent be committed to the custody of the California Department of Mental Health for appropriate treatment and confinement at State Hospital under the provisions of Welfare and Institutions Code section 6604 for a two-year period commencing and endingThat the respondent is hereby ordered to be transported immediately to the state hospital named above. 3.(JUDICIAL OFFICER)(date):That the respondent has suffered two prior convictions for violations of (specify code sections):(name):(date): SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OFBRANCH NAME:CITY AND ZIP CODE:STREET ADDRESS:MAILING ADDRESS: Defendant: v.PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR COURT USE ONLY CASE NUMBER: ORDER FOR COMMITMENT(Sexually Violent Predator)CR-1732.4.Date:(date):andjurycourt American LegalNet, Inc.

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