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Discharge To Guardian Of Minor {PC-2.9B} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Rhode Island

Discharge To Guardian Of Minor {PC-2.9B}

This is a Rhode Island form that can be used for Guardian Conservator Custodian And Receiver within Statewide, Probate Court.

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Petitioner/Ward:NameStreet AddressCity/TownStateZipCodeE-mailPhoneNumberFor good cause shown:I,, having attained the age of eighteen (Name of Petitioner/Ward)years, and having, since my arrival at full age, examined the accounts of(Name of Guardian)(Name of Co-Guardian, if applicable)who was/were the guardian/co-guardian(s) of my person and estate during my minority; and having adjusted and settled accounts of said guardianship, and received the balance of my estate in his/her/hands: DO BY THESE PRESENTS, exonerate, acquit release and fully and absolutely discharge said guardian/co-guardian and the surety(ies) upon such guardianship bond, and his/her and their heirs, executors and administrators, from all claims which I now have upon them for or on account of said guardianship, or any other matter or thing relating thereto.Name of Petitioner/WardSignature ofPetitioner/WardDateNotary:Name of NotaryStateCountyOn day of , 20, known to me or proved through satisfactory evidence, signed the document Signature of Notary PublicDateCommission ID#Commission Expiration Date DECREEUpon hearing, it is hereby ordered and decreed that the Respondent be released and said Guardian discharged.Entered as an order and decree of the court on:Probate JudgeSignature of Probate JudgeDate DATE FILEDFORCOURT USE ONLY DISCHARGE TO GUARDIAN OF MINORRIGL 33-15.1-37PC-2.9B (Rev. 07/17) State of Rhode Island and Providence PlantationsProbate CourtPage 1 of 1 STATE OF RHODE ISLANDCounty ofEstate ofAlias PROBATE COURT OF THECity or Town ofNo. PSIGN HERE IGN HERE American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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