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Chapter 13 Model Plan

This is a Indiana form that can be used for Southern District within Federal, Bankruptcy Court.

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Ch 13 Model Plan (rev 11-2017) UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT Southern District of Indiana In re: [Name(s) of Debtor(s)] Debtor(s). ) ) ) ) Case No. (xx-xxxxx) - - CHAPTER 13 PLAN Original Amended Plan # (e.g. 1st, 2nd) ** MUST BE DESIGNATED ** 1. NOTICE TO INTERESTED PARTIES: The Debtor must check one box on each line to state whether or not the plan includes each of the following items. If an item is checked as "Not Included," if neither box is checked, or if both boxes are checked, the provision will be ineffective if set out later in the plan. 1.1 A limit on the amount of a secured claim, pursuant to paragraph 8.(b), which may result in a partial payment or no payment at all to the secured creditor. 1.2 Avoidance of a judicial lien or nonpossessory, nonpurchase money security interest. Any lien avoidance shall occur by separate motion or proceeding, pursuant to paragraph 12. 1.3 Nonstandard provisions, set out in paragraph 15. 2. GENERAL PROVISIONS: (a) YOUR RIGHTS MAY BE AFFECTED. Read these papers carefully and discuss them with your attorney. If you oppose any provision of this plan, you must file a timely written objection. This plan may be confirmed without further notice or hearing unless a written objection is filed before the deadline stated on the separate Notice you received from the Court. (b) PROOFS OF CLAIM: You must file a proof of claim to receive distributions under the plan. Absent a Court order determining the amount of the secured claim, the filed proof of claim shall control as to the determination of pre-petition arrearages; secured and priority tax liabilities; other priority claims; and the amount required to satisfy an offer of payment in full. All claims that are secured by a security interest in real estate shall comply with the requirements of Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure ("FRBP") 3001(c)(2)(C). (c) NOTICES RELATING TO MORTGAGES: As required by Local Rule B-3002.1-1, all creditors with claims secured by a security interest in real estate shall comply with the requirements of FRBP 3002.1 (b) and (c) without regard to whether the real estate is the Debtor's principal residence. If there is a change in the mortgage servicer while the bankruptcy is pending, the mortgage holder shall file with the Court and serve upon the Debtor, Debtor's counsel and the Chapter 13 Trustee ("Trustee") a Notice setting forth the change and providing the name of the new servicer, the payment address, a contact phone number and a contact e-mail address. American LegalNet, Inc. Included Not Included Included Not Included Included Not Included 1 (d) NOTICES (OTHER THAN THOSE RELATING TO MORTGAGES): Nonmortgage creditors in Section 8(c) (whose rights are not being modified) or in Section 11 (whose executory contracts/unexpired leases are being assumed) may continue to mail customary notices or coupons to the Debtor or the Trustee notwithstanding the automatic stay. (e) EQUAL MONTHLY PAYMENTS: As to payments required by paragraphs 7 and 8, the Trustee may increase the amount of any "Equal Monthly Amount" offered to appropriately amortize the claim. The Trustee shall be permitted to accelerate payments to any class of creditor for efficient administration of the case. (f) PAYMENTS FOLLOWING ENTRY OF ORDERS LIFTING STAY: Upon entry of an order lifting the stay, no distributions shall be made on any secured claim relating to the subject collateral until such time as a timely amended deficiency claim is filed by such creditor and deemed allowed, or the automatic stay is re-imposed by further order of the Court. 3. SUBMISSION OF INCOME: Debtor submits to the supervision and control of the Trustee all or such portion of future earnings or other future income or specified property of the Debtor as is necessary for the execution of this plan. 4. PLAN TERMS: (a) PAYMENT AND LENGTH OF PLAN: Debtor shall pay $ to the Trustee, starting not later than 30 days after the order for relief, for months, for a total amount of $ . Additional payments to Trustee and/or future changes to the periodic amount proposed are: (b) INCREASED FUNDING: If additional property comes into the estate pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §1306(a)(1) or if the Trustee discovers undisclosed property of the estate, then the Trustee may obtain such property or its proceeds to increase the total amount to be paid under the plan. However, if the Trustee elects to take less than 100% of the property to which the estate may be entitled OR less than the amount necessary to pay all allowed claims in full, then a motion to compromise and settle will be filed, and appropriate notice given. (c) CURING DEFAULTS: If Debtor falls behind on plan payments or if changes to the payments owed to secured lenders require additional funds from the Debtor's income, the Debtor and the Trustee may agree that the Debtor(s) will increase the periodic payment amount or that the time period for making payments will be extended, not to exceed 60 months. Creditors will not receive notice of any such agreement unless the total amount that the Debtor(s) will pay to the Trustee decreases. Any party may request in writing, addressed to the Trustee at the address shown on the notice of the meeting of creditors, that the Trustee give that party notice of any such agreement. Agreements under this section cannot extend the term of the plan more than 6 additional months. (d) OTHER PLAN CHANGES: Any other modification of the plan shall be proposed by motion pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §1329. Service of any motion to modify this plan shall be made by the moving party as required by FRBP 2002(a)(5) and 3015(h), unless otherwise ordered by the Court. American LegalNet, Inc. 2 5. PAYMENT OF ADMINISTRATIVE CLAIMS (INCLUSIVE OF DEBTOR'S ATTORNEY FEES): NONE All allowed administrative claims will be paid in full by the Trustee unless the creditor agrees otherwise: Creditor Attorney's Fees Type of Claim Scheduled Amount 6. PAYMENT OF DOMESTIC SUPPORT OBLIGATIONS: NONE (a) Ongoing Domestic Support Obligations. Debtor shall make any Domestic Support Obligation payments that are due after the filing of the case under a Domestic Support Order directly to the payee. (b) Domestic Support Obligation Arrears. NONE The following arrearages on Domestic Support Obligations will be paid in the manner specified: Creditor Type of Claim Estimated Arrears Treatment 7. PAYMENT OF SECURED CLAIMS RELATING SOLELY TO THE DEBTOR'S PRINCIPAL RESIDENCE

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