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Eviction Instructions (Writ Enforcement) {220-15-10-M} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | California

Eviction Instructions (Writ Enforcement) {220-15-10-M}

This is a California form that can be used for Alameda within Local County.

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ALAMEDA COUNTY SHERIFF'S WRIT ENFORCEMENT INSTRUCTIONS PURSUANT TO CCP §687.010 Please fill out completely and deliver to: Gregory J. Ahern, Sheriff I Marshal 1225 Fallon Street, Room 104 - Oakland, CA 94612-4216 (510) 272-6910 ***Failure to fill out this form completely could result in a delay in processing this request.*** Case Title ____________________________________ vs. ___________________________________ Plaintiff / Judgment Creditor Defendant / Judgment Debtor vs. __________________________________ Court Case No. _________________________ TYPE OF WRIT: Writ of Possession (Unlawful Detainer/Eviction) Other: Sheriff's File No. (If known) _____________________ ___________________________________ By authority of the accompanying writ in the above-titled action, you are hereby instructed to return possession of the property described below to the identified judgment creditor/agent. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Complete Property Address /City/State/Zip Code (Must match address on back of Writ) **Gate Code Number** __________________________________________________________(_____)___________________________________________ Name of Party to Contact (Judgment Creditor/Agent) Phone Number of Party to Contact Is this action the result of a foreclosure sale pursuant to CCP§ 1161(a)? Yes Has the occupant filed bankruptcy? Yes The named occupant(s) is/are Tenant(s) No No Former Owner(s) ATTACHMENTS: Photo is provided (not returnable). Key is provided (to be returned at eviction) Other_____________________________ SAFETY INFORMATION: Violent towards Law Enforcement Please check all of the following that apply. Prior Law Enforcement activity at this address Assaultive Guns on Premises Illegal activity may be taking place at this address Vicious Animals/Loose dogs in the yard (Circle one) Drugs/Alcohol at this address Threats to Landlord/Tenants/Police (Circle one) Mental Health Issues Probation/Parolee If any of the above are checked, please describe:_________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please provide additional information on any issues that may pose an officer safety threat to our deputies:___________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Gated Community Commercial Buidling Children in residence Elderly Disabled Serious Medical Issues Additional information continued on the reverse side of this page. - PLEASE FILL OUT COMPLETELY Attorney or Plaintiff without an Attorney as named in the top box of the Writ: Name: Address: City: State: ______________________________________ Daytime Phone No.: _________________________________ _____________________________________ ______________________________________ Signature: X________________________________ _____________________ ZIP: ____________ Title: _____________________________________ American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com E-Mail Address: ___________________________________ Date: _____________________________________ 220-15 -10-M (Revised 05/2016) ACSO WRIT EVICT\ION Instruction Sheet 00

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