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At Issue Memorandum (Counter Memorandum) {YOCV 0100} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | California

At Issue Memorandum (Counter Memorandum) {YOCV 0100}

This is a California form that can be used for Civil within Local County, Yolo.

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Name, Address, Phone # & State Bar # of Attorney or Party without Attorney FOR COURT USE ONLY Attorney for: SUPERIOR COURT, STATE OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF YOLO 1000 Main Street Woodland, California 95695 530/666-8170 Plaintiff(s): Case Number: Defendant(s): AT-ISSUE MEMORANDUM COUNTER Not At Issue Other Nature of Case Personal Injury Auto Other Eminent Domain Domestic Civil Complaint Unlawful Detainer Other _______________________ A jury trial is demanded yes no Estimated length of trial __________________ A court reporter is requested yes no Preference is claimed per code:__________________________________________ Unacceptable dates:______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Complaint filed (date):_______________________________ I hereby represent to the court that all essential parties have: a. been served with process or appeared, all unanswered cross-complaints have been on file at least 60 days, and this action is at-issue as to all such parties and I know of no further pleadings to be filed. b. not been served with process or appeared and this action is not at-issue as to all parties. 3. Arbitration/Mediation: a. Plaintiff(s) elect arbitration per CCP 1141.11 and the award, if any, shall not exceed $50,000. b. Parties stipulate to arbitration per CCP 1141.11 (attach stipulation). c. This case is suitable for arbitration. d. this case is exempt from arbitration because: _______________________ ____________________________________________________________ e. Parties stipulate to mediation, and the agreement, if any, shall not exceed $50,000. 4. Superior Court Delay Reduction Project Cases: This is is not a class 1 case. (If not a class 1 case, a Designation Statement must be filed). Date:________________________ __________________________________________ Attorney for Plaintiff/Defendant 1. 2. Indicate names of parties being represented & trial counsel. List additional parties an attached sheet(s) Plaintiff(s): Defendant(s): rev.6/16:all YOCV 0100 At Issue Memorandum/Counter Memorandum American LegalNet, Inc. Page 1 of 1

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