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Residential Lease For Single Family Home Or Duplex | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Florida

Residential Lease For Single Family Home Or Duplex

This is a Florida form that can be used for Real Property within Statewide.

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Residential Lease for Single Family Home or Duplex (FOR A TERM NOT TO EXCEED ONE YEAR) A BOX ( ) OR A BLANK SPACE (________) INDICATES A PROVISION WHERE A CHOICE OR DECISION MUST BE MADE BY THE PARTIES. THE LEASE IMPOSES IMPORTANT LEGAL OBLIGATIONS. MANY RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PARTIES ARE GOVERNED BY CHAPTER 83, PART II, RESIDENTIAL LANDLORD AND TENANT ACT, FLORIDA STATUTES, A COPY OF WHICH IS ATTACHED TO THIS LEASE. 1. PARTIES. This is a lease ("the Lease") between ____________________________________________ ________________________________________ (name & address of owner of the property) ("Landlord") and _________________________________________________________________________ (name(s) of person(s) to whom the property is leased) ("Tenant.") Landlord's E-mail address: Landlord's Telephone Number: Tenant's E-mail address: Tenant's Telephone Number: _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ 2. PROPERTY RENTED. Landlord leases to Tenant the land and buildings located at _______________ ________________________________________________ (street add ress) , Flo rida _ _______ (zip code) together with the following furniture and appliances [list all furniture and appliances; if none, write "none."] (In the Lease, the property leased, including furniture and appliances, if any, is called "the Premises"): ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ The Premises shall be occupied only by the Tenant and the following persons: ___________________ __________________________________________________________________________________. 3. TERM. This is a lease for a term, not to exceed twelve months, beginning on ____________________ (month, day, year) and ending ________________________ (month, day, year) (the "Lease Term"). 4. RENT PAYMENTS, TAXES AND CHARGES. Tenant shall pay total rent in the amount of $ _________ (excluding taxes) fo r the L ease T erm. The rent shall be payable by Tenant in advance in installments or in full as provided in the options below: in installments. If in installments, rent shall be payable monthly, on the ________ day of each month (if left blank, on the first day of each month) in the amount of $__________ per installment. OR weekly, on the ____________ day of each week (if left blank, on Monday of each week) in the amount of $ _____________ per installment. in full on ________________________ (date) in the amount of $ _____________________. American LegalNet, Inc. Tenant shall also be obligated to pay taxes on the rent when applicable in the amount of $ _____________ with each rent installment with the rent for the full term of the Lease. Landlord will notify Tenant if the amount of the tax changes. Payment Summary If rent is paid in installments, the total payment per installment including taxes shall be in the amount of $_____________. If rent is paid in full, the total payment including taxes shall be in the amount of $_____________. All rent payments shall be payable to _________________________________ (name) at ______________ ___________________________________ (address). (If left blank, to Landlord at Landlord's address.) If the tenancy starts on a day other than the first day of the month or week as designated above, the rent shall be prorated from ___________ (date) t hrough _______________(date) in t he amount of $______________ and shall be due on ________________ (date) (If rent paid monthly, prorate on a 30 day month.) cash, personal Tenant shall make rent payments required under the Lease by (choose all applicable) money order, cashier's check, or other _______________________(specify). If payment check, is accepted by any means other than cash, payment is not considered made until the other instrument is collected. to pay all future If Tenant makes a rent payment with a worthless check, Landlord can require Tenant payments by money order, cashier's check, official bank check, cash or other (specify) and to pay bad check fees in the amount of $______________ (not to exceed the amount prescribed by Section 68.065, Florida Statutes.) 5. MONEY DUE PRIOR TO OCCUPANCY. Tenant shall pay the sum of $___________ in accordance with this paragraph prior to occupying the Premises. Tenant shall not be entitled to move in or to keys to the Premises until all money due prior to occupancy has been paid. If no date is specified below, then funds shall be due prior to Tenant occupancy. Any funds designated in this paragraph due after occupancy, shall be paid accordingly. Any funds due under this paragraph shall be payable to Landlord at Landlord's address or to ________________________________________________________________________ (name) at ________________________________________________________________________ (address) month's week's rent plus applicable taxes First Prorated rent plus applicable taxes Advance rent for month week of ______________ plus applicable taxes Last month's week's rent plus applicable taxes Security deposit Additional security deposit Security deposit for homeowner's association Pet Deposit Other______________________________________ Other ______________________________________ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ due due due due due due due due due due American LegalNet, Inc. 6. LATE FEES. (Complete if applicable) In addition to rent, Tenant shall pay a late charge in the amount of $ _______________ (If left blank, 4% of the rent payment) for each r ent payment made ___________ days after the day it is due (if left blank, 5 days if rent is paid monthly, 1 day if rent is paid weekly). is checked or a pet deposit is paid, Tenant may not keep 7. PETS AND SMOKING. Unless this box pets or animals on the Premises. If Tenant may keep pets, the pets described in this paragraph are permitted on the Premises: ________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ (Specify number of pets, type(s), breed, maximum adult weight of pets.) Unless this box 8. NOTICES. ______________________________________________________is Landlord's Agent. All notices must be sent to Landlord _______________________ at_____________________________

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