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Petition For Garnishment | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Louisiana

Petition For Garnishment

This is a Louisiana form that can be used for Civil within Local Parish, East Baton Rouge, City Court.

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______________________________________ PLAINTIFF VS SUIT NO.______________________ Div ____ BATON ROUGE CITY COURT CITY OF BATON ROUGE ______________________________________ DEFENDANT STATE OF LOUISIANA PETITION FOR GARNISHMENT NOW INTO COURT comes petitioner, ______________________________, who requests that this (Plaintiff) Court issue a writ of fieri facias ordering the seizure and possession of all property rights and credits of defendant, ________________________________________________, by the Constable of this Court, and to cause to be made in the manner prescribed by law an amount sufficient to pay and satisfy the sum of _________________________ and having good reason to believe that _____________________________________, is indebted to said defendant (Defendant's Employer, Bank, Credit Union, Etc.) or has property or effects in its possession or control belonging to said defendant and venue is proper in this jurisdiction pursuant to Article 42 and/or 77 of the La. Code of Civil Procedure. WHEREFORE, petitioner prays that ________________________________________ be made garnishee (Defendant's Employer, Bank, Credit Union, Etc.) herein, ordered to answer, under oath, the accompanying Interrogatories, and after all due and legal proceedings, be condemned to pay the amount of said writ and cost, along with additional costs, interest and fees, as they may accrue pursuant to Judgment. CURRENT STATEMENT: (La.R.S. 13:3923) Principal Interest Attorney Fees B.R. City Court Costs Other Costs (Specify) Credit Balance to Date _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ __________________ __________________ (Sign your Name) ____________________________________ (Print your Name) ____________________________________ (Street Address) ______________________________________ (City, State, Zip) _____________________________________ (Phone Number) _____________________________________ Above figures do not include future Court cost, interest or Constable's commission Civil ­ Garnishment Procedure and Forms (4-18-16) American LegalNet, Inc.

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