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Subpoena Depo

This is a Texas form that can be used for Miscellaneous within Local County, Fort Bend.

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NOT PREPARED BY THE DISTRICT CLERK DISTRICT CLERK ONLY CERTIFIES TO THE FACT THE CASE IS ON FILE IN HIS OFFICE. Subpoena Depo Yes No $10.00 Witness Fee Attached THE STATE OF TEXAS Cause No: TO ANY SHERIFF OR CONSTABLE OF THE STATE OF TEXAS OR OTHER PERSON AUTHORIZED TO SERVE SUBPOENAS AS PROVIDED IN RULE 176 T.R.C.P.: YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED TO SUMMON to be and appear before Certified Shorthand Reporter and Notary Public in and for the State of Texas, or any court reporter of their designation, at: on at AM/PM, then and there to make answers under oath at the instance in a certain suit now pending in the District Court, to certain oral interrogatories to be propounded to of Fort Bend County, Texas, styled: VS/AND being number on the docket of said Court, and that continue in attendance before me from day to day until discharged by said court reporter. HEREIN FAIL NOT, but of this writ make due return, showing how you have executed the same. WITNESS my official signature at Richmond, on . By: , at ( (Please contact this Subpoena. The name and address of the attorney for: Attorney's Name Attorney's Address: ) - upon receipt of Revised 5/13 American LegalNet, Inc. NOT PREPARED BY THE DISTRICT CLERK DISTRICT CLERK ONLY CERTIFIES TO THE FACT THE CASE IS ON FILE IN HIS OFFICE. OFFICER'S RETURN Came to hand the day of 20 , at o'clock . M., and executed by delivering a true copy of the within subpoena to the within named, (or attorney of record) at the following time and place to wit: NAME |DATE |TIME |PLACE, AND COUNTY | | | | | | | | Not executed as to the witness, for the following reasons: I hereby accept service of this subpoena on this the . 20 day of , Witness ACCEPTANCE OF SERVICE OF SUBPOENA BY WITNESS PER RULE 176 T.R.C.P. I, the undersigned witness named in Subpoena acknowledge receipt of a copy thereof, and hereby accept service of the attached subpoena, and will appear in said court on said date and time directed in this subpoena. Rule 176.8(a) Contempt. Failure by any person without adequate excuse to obey a subpoena served upon that person may be deemed a contempt of the court from which the subpoena is issued or a district court in the county in which the subpoena is served, and may be punished by fine or confinement, or both. SIGNATURE OF WITNESS DATE ********************************************************************** Not executed as to the witness for the following reasons: PLEASE RETURN TO: DISTRICT CLERK ANNIE REBECCA ELLIOTT 301 Jackson Richmond, Texas 77469 American LegalNet, Inc.

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