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Worksheet Prior Record Level (After 12-1-09) {CR-600B} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | North Carolina

Worksheet Prior Record Level (After 12-1-09) {CR-600B}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Criminal within Statewide.

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en-USNUMBERen-USTYPEen-USFACTORSen-USPOINTSen-USPrior Felony Class A Convictionen-USX10en-USPrior Felony Class B1 Convictionen-USX 9en-USPrior Felony Class B2 or C or D Convictionen-USX 6en-USPrior Felony Class E or F or G Convictionen-USX 4en-USPrior Felony Class H or I Convictionen-USX 2en-USPrior Class A1 or 1 Misdemeanor Conviction en-US(see note on reverse)en-USX 1en-USSUBTOTALen-USDefendant222s Current Charge(s):en-USIf all the elements of the present offense are included in any prior offense whether or not the prior offenses were used in en-USdetermining prior record level.en-US+ 1en-USIf the offense was committed while the offender was: en-US on probation, parole, or post-release supervision; en-US serving a sentence of imprisonment; or en-US on escape from a correctional institution.en-USNOTE:en-US If part of a plea transcript, use form AOC-CR-300 (223Transcript Of Plea224), Nos. 16 and 17.en-US+ 1en-USCountyen-USFile No.en-USState (if other than NC)en-USTOTAL en-USI.en-US en-USSCORING PRIOR RECORD/FELONY SENTENCING en-USII.en-US en-USCLASSIFYING PRIOR RECORD/CONVICTION LEVEL en-USFile No. en-USSTATE OF NORTH CAROLINAen-US en-US Countyen-USIn The General Court Of Justice en-US District en-US Superior Court Division en-USWORKSHEET PRIOR RECORDen-USLEVEL FOR FELONY SENTENCINGen-US AND PRIOR CONVICTION LEVELen-US FOR MISDEMEANOR SENTENCINGen-US(STRUCTURED SENTENCING)en-US(For Offenses Committed On Or After Dec. 1, 2009)en-USG.S. 15A-1340.14, 15A-1340.21en-USSTATE VERSUSen-USName And Address Of Defendanten-USSocial Security No.en-USNOTE:en-US If sentencing for a misdemeanor, total the number of prior conviction(s) listed en-USon the reverse and select the corresponding prior conviction level. en-US þ For each out-of-state conviction listed in Section en-USVen-USen-USen-USVen-US is correct. en-US þ The Court has determined the number of prior convictions to be en-US en-USen-US and the level to be as shown above. þ In making this determination, the Court has relied upon the State222s en-USevidence of the defendant222s prior convictions from a computer printout of en-USDCI-CCH. þ en-USlevel of the defendant to be as shown herein. þ In making this determination, the Court has relied upon the State222s evidence en-USof the defendant222s prior convictions from a computer printout of DCI-CCH. þ en-UShas relied on the jury222s determination of this issue beyond a reasonable en-USdoubt or the defendant222s admission to this issue.en-USNOTE:en-US If sentencing for a felony, locate the prior record level which corresponds to the en-UStotal points determined in Section en-USI en-USabove.en-USSID No.en-USSexen-USDOBen-USRace en-USMISDEMEANORen-USFELONY en-USNo. Of Prior en-USConvictionsen-USLevelen-US0en-USIen-US1 - 4en-USIIen-US5 +en-USIII en-USPointsen-USLevelen-US0 -1en-USIen-US2 - 5en-USIIen-US6 - 9en-USIIIen-US10 - 13en-USIVen-USen-USVen-US18 +en-USVI en-USPRIORen-USRECORDen-USLEVEL en-USPRIORen-USCONVICTIONen-USLEVEL en-USDateen-USName Of Presiding Judge (type or print)en-USSignature Of Presiding Judgeen-US American LegalNet, Inc. en-USIII.en-US en-USSTIPULATION en-USV.en-US en-USPRIOR CONVICTION en-USIV.en-US en-USDNA CERTIFICATIONen-US en-US(For Offenses Committed On Or After Feb. 1, 2011) en-USThe prosecutor and defense counsel, or the defendant, if not represented by counsel, stipulate to the information set out in Sections en-USIen-US and en-USVen-US of this form, en-USand agree with the defendant222s prior record level or prior conviction level as set out in Section en-USIIen-US based on the information herein.en-USen-USindicates that en-US(check one)en-US: 1. þ The defendant is en-USNOTen-USen-US 2. þ The defendant en-USISen-USen-USen-US en-USDateen-USSignature Of Prosecutoren-USDateen-USSignature Of Defense Counsel Or Defendant en-USDateen-USName Of Prosecutor (type or print)en-USSignature Of Prosecutor en-USSourceen-US en-USCodeen-USOffensesen-USFile No.en-USDate Ofen-US en-USConvictionen-USCountyen-US en-US(Name Of State if not NC)en-USClass en-US See AOC-CR-600 Continuation for additional prior convictions. Source Code: þ 1 - DCI þ 3 - AOC/Local þ 5 - ID Bureau en-US þ 2 - NCIC þ 4 - AOC/Statewide þ 6 - Other en-USDate Prepared: þ en-USPrepared By: þ en-USNOTE:en-US Federal law precludes making computer printout of DCI-CCH (rap sheet) part of permanent public court record.en-USNOTE: en-USThe only misdemeanor offenses under Chapter 20 that are assigned points for determining prior record level for felony sentencing are misdemeanor death by vehicle en-US[G.S. 20-141.4(a2)] and, for sentencing for felony offenses committed on or after December 1, 1997, impaired driving [G.S. 20-138.1] and commercial impaired drivingen-US en-US[G.S. 20-138.2]. First Degree Rape and First Degree Sexual Offense convictions prior to October 1, 1994, are Class B1 convictions. American LegalNet, Inc.

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