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Impaired Driving Judgment And Commitment (After 12-1-11) {CR-342B} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | North Carolina

Impaired Driving Judgment And Commitment (After 12-1-11) {CR-342B}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Criminal within Statewide.

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en-USFile No. en-USIMPAIRED DRIVING - en-USJUDGMENT AND COMMITMENTen en-US(For Offenses Committed On Or After Dec. 1, 2011)en-USG.S. 20-179en-US(en-USNOTE:en-US This form should be used for only one DWI conviction. Multiple convictions sentenceden-US en-USunder G.S. 20-179 may not be consolidated for judgment.)en-USName Of Defendant en-USRaceen-USSexen-USDrivers License No.en-USDate Of Birthen-USStateen-USCrt Rptr Initials en-USSTATE VERSUS en-USSTATE OF NORTH CAROLINAen-US en-USCounty en-US en-US en-US Seat of Court en-USIn The General Court Of Justice en-US District en-US Superior Court Division en-USDate Of Offenseen-USAttorney For State en-US en-USDef. Found en-US Def. Waived þ Not Indigent þ Attorney en-USAttorney For Defendant þ Appointed þ Retained en-USOffense þ en-US Impaired Driving (G.S. 20-138.1). en-US Impaired Driving in a commercial vehicle (G.S. 20-138.2). en-US Operating a en-UScommercial vehicle after consuming alcohol and this was the defendant222s second or subsequent conviction of this offense en-US en-US(G.S. 20-138.2A). en-US Operating a school bus, school activity bus, child care vehicle, ambulance, other EMS vehicle, en-USen-USconviction of this offense (G.S. 20-138.2B). en-USThe defendant was found guilty/responsible, pursuant to en-US plea ( en-US pursuant to en-USAlforden-US) ( en-US of no contest) en-US trial by judge en-US trial by jury, ofen en-USen-US en-US en-USAggravated Level One.en-US en-US en-USLevel One. en-US en-USLevel Two. en-US en-USLevel Three. en-US en-USLevel Four. en-US en-USLevel Five. en-US en-USfor a minimum term ofen-US en-USfor a maximum term ofen-US en-USin the custody of theen en-US en-US en-US en-USOtheren-US þ en-US en-US(for ordered work release). þ The defendant shall again report in a sober condition to continue serving this term on the same day of the week for the next en-US en-USconsecutive weeks, and shall remain in custody during the same hours each week. en-USThe defendant shall be given credit for en-US en-USen-US en-US(en-USNOTE:en-US en-USen-US) en-US The sentence imposed above shall begin at the expiration of all sentences which the defendant is presently obligated to serve. en-US The sentence imposed above shall begin at the expiration of the sentence imposed in the case referenced below: en-USFile No.en-USOffenseen-USCountyen-USCourten-USDate en-USThe Court further Orders:en-US en-US(en-UScheck all that applyen-US) þ 1. þ The defendant shall pay to the Clerk of Superior Court the 223Total Amount Due224 shown below. en-USNOTE:en-US en-USen-US þ 2. þ The Court finds that restitution was recommended as part of the defendant222s plea arrangement. þ 3. þ The Court finds just cause to waive costs, as ordered on the attached en-US en-US en-US en-USOtheren-US: þ en-US. þ 4. þ The Court finds that the defendant en-US en-USis en-US en-USis not suitable for placement in a county satellite jail/work release unit. en-US en-US þ þ þ þ a. þ After any required processing, defendant shall be committed to: en-US en-US[check (1) or (2)] þ þ þ (1) þ en-US en-US(prison facility within this county) þ þ (2) þ en-US en-US(local confinement facility/satellite jail/work release unit within/out of this county) þ en-USThe Sheriff or Board of County Commissioners has consented to commitment to the above-described facility that is not en-US þ þ b. þ The defendant222s work release shall terminate on the date the offender loses his/her job or violates a condition of work release. þ þ en-USDivision of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice of the amounts allowed under G.S. 148-33.1(f).en-USThe Court recommends:en-US þ þ en-US en-USshould en-US en-USshould not be granted. þ þ en-US en-US223Total Amount Due224 set out above. en-US but the Court en-USdoes noten-US en-USrecommenden-US restitution be paid en-US as a condition of parole oren-US en-USpost-release supervision. en-US from work release earnings.en-US$ en-USFineen-USRestitution*en-USAttorney222s Feesen-USAppt Fee/Miscen-USTotal Amount Dueen-USCosts en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US(Over)en-USMaterial opposite unmarked squares is to be disregarded as surplusage. en-US en-USAM en-USen-US en-USDayen-USHouren-USDate en-US en-USAM en-USen-US en-USDayen-USHouren-USDateen-USand shall en-USremain in en-UScustody until: þ en-USThe defendant shall en-USreport in a sober en-UScondition to begin en-USserving his/her term onen-US: American LegalNet, Inc. en-USSPECIAL ALCOHOL CONCENTRATION FINDING þ þ Other: þ en-US.en-USMaterial opposite unmarked squares is to be disregarded as surplusage.en-USThe Court further Ordersen-US en-US(cont.)en-US: en-USThe Court further recommends:en-US þ þ en-UStwoen-USen-USen-USserve the sentence imposed or until the defendant shall have complied with the conditions of release pending appealen-US. þ 2. þ The defendant gives notice of appeal from the judgment of the District Court to the Superior Court. The current pretrial release en-USen en en en en en en en en-USNOTE: en-US Withdrawal of appeal or remand to District Court requires that a new sentencing hearing be scheduled in District Court, unless en-UScertain conditions are met. G.S. 20-38.7(c). þ 3. þ The defendant gives notice of appeal from the judgment of the Superior Court to the appellate division. Appeal entries and any en-US en-USORDER OF COMMITMENT en-USORDER OF COMMITMENT AFTER APPEAL en-USDate Appeal Dismisseden-USName Of Presiding Judge (type or print)en-USSignature Of Presiding Judgeen-USDate Withdrawal Of Appeal Fileden-USen-USDateen-USDate Remanded To District Court en-USI certify that this Judgment and Commitment and the attachment(s) marked below is a true and complete copy of the original which is on en-USfile in this case. en-USCERTIFICATION en-USSignature Of Clerken-USDate þ Deputy CSC þ þ en-USAsst. CSC þ en-USClerk Of Superior Court en-US þ þ þ þ þ þ þ 4. þ Other: þ en-USen-USSignature Of Clerken-USDate þ Deputy CSC þ þ en-USAsst. CSC þ en-USClerk Of Superior Courten-USSEAL en-USen-USrecommit the defendant to the custody of the agency named in this Judgment and furnish that agency en-UStwoen-USen-USJudgment and Commitment as authority for the commitment and detention of the defendant. American LegalNet, Inc.

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