Petition For Private Postsecondary School Violence Restraining Orders {SV-100} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | California

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Petition For Private Postsecondary School Violence Restraining Orders {SV-100} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | California

Petition For Private Postsecondary School Violence Restraining Orders {SV-100}

This is a California form that can be used for School Violence Prevention within Judicial Council.

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Clerk stamps date here when form is filed. Fill in court name and street address: Court fills in case number when form is filed.How do I Get a Private Postsecondary School Violence Restraining Order? Confidential CLETS Information (if any for this case) (if known): Additional protected persons are listed in Attachment 4a. (If the petitioner has a lawyer, give the lawyer222s information.) (name of private postsecondary educational institution): (If yes, list them): American LegalNet, Inc. (Explain any decision to retain, expel, or otherwise discipline the respondent): (specify): (Describe):(Check all that apply):(If yes, attach a copy if you have one.) (specify): (County/State) (If yes, check each kind of case and indicate where and when each was filed): (if known) (Explain): American LegalNet, Inc. (Provide details; include the dates of all incidents beginning with the most recent; tell who did what to whom; identify any witnesses): (If yes, describe harm or injuries): (If yes, describe): (check one or more): (check either or both): American LegalNet, Inc. (check all that apply): (Attach a copy of the order if you have one.) (specify): The respondent will be ordered not to take any action to get the addresses or locations of any protected person unless the court finds good cause not to make the order. (check all that apply): (specify): American LegalNet, Inc. You must have your papers personally served on the respondent at least five days before the hearing, unless the court orders a shorter time for service. (Form SV-200-INFO explains what is proof of personal service. Form SV-200, , may be used to show the court that the papers have been served.) (If no, explain): If the judge grants a protective order, the respondent will be prohibited from owning, possessing, purchasing, receiving, or attempting to purchase or receive a gun, other firearm, and ammunition while the protective order is in effect. The respondent will also be ordered to turn in to law enforcement, or sell to or store with a licensed gun dealer any guns or firearms within his or her immediate possession or control. (If you answered no, explain why below): Temporary Restraining Order, American LegalNet, Inc. Lawyer222s name (if any) Lawyer222s signature Signature (specify) Name of petitioner Title Signature Name of student American LegalNet, Inc.

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