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Case Summary {CR-72}

This is a California form that can be used for Criminal within Federal, USDC Central.

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA CASE SUMMARY Case Number Defendant Number Indictment Information Investigative agency (FBI, DEA, etc.) NOTE: All items MUST be completed. If you do not know the answer or a question is not applicable to your case, enter "N/A." OFFENSE/VENUEa.Offense charged as a: Class A Misdemeanor Minor Offense Class B Misdemeanor Petty Offense Felony PREVIOUS COUNSELWas defendant previously represented? Yes No IF YES, provide Name: U.S.A. v. Year of Birth b.Date of Offense c.County in which first offense occurredd.The crimes charged are alleged to have been committed in(CHECK ALL THAT APPLY): Los Angeles Orange Riverside San Bernardino Ventura Santa Barbara San Luis Obispo RELATED CASEHas an indictment or information involving this defendant and the same transaction or series of transactions been previously filed and dismissed before trial? Yes No Pursuant to General Order 16-05, criminal cases may be related if a previously filed indictment or information and the present case:a.arise out of the same conspiracy, common scheme,transaction, series of transactions or events; orb.involve one or more defendants in common, and wouldentail substantial duplication of labor in pretrial, trial orsentencing proceedings if heard by different judges.Related case(s), if any (MUST MATCH NOTICE OF RELATED CR-72 (12/17)CASE SUMMARYPage 1 of 2 COMPLEX CASEAre there 8 or more defendants in the Indictment/Information? Yes* NoWill more than 12 days be required to present government's evidence in the case-in-chief? No Yes**AN ORIGINAL AND 1 COPY (UNLESS ELECTRONICALLY FILED)OF THE NOTICE OF COMPLEX CASE MUST BE FILED AT THE TIME THE INDICTMENT IS FILED IF EITHER "YES" BOX IS CHECKED. SUPERSEDING INDICTMENT/INFORMATION No YesIS THIS A NEW DEFENDANT?superseding charge (i.e., 1st, 2nd).The superseding case was previously filed on: The superseded case: is still pending before Judge/Magistrate Judge No Yes*Are there 8 or more defendants in the superseding case? No Yes*Will more than 12 days be required to present government's evidence in the case-in-chief? Citation of Offense CASE): Other If "Yes," Case Number: Phone Number: This is the Case Number was previously dismissed on Class C Misdemeanor e.Division in which the MAJORITY of events, acts, or omissionsgiving rise to the crime or crimes charged occurred: Western (Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura) Eastern (Riverside and San Bernardino) Southern (Orange) PREVIOUSLY FILED COMPLAINT/CVB CITATION A complaint/CVB citation was previously filed on: Case Number: Assigned Judge:The complaint/CVB citation: is still pending was dismissed on: Charging:Was a Notice of Complex Case filed on the Indictment or Information? No Yes*AN ORIGINAL AND 1 COPY OF THE NOTICE OF COMPLEX CASEMUST BE FILED AT THE TIME THE SUPERSEDING INDICTMENT IS FILED IF EITHER "YES" BOX IS CHECKED. American LegalNet, Inc. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA CASE SUMMARY NO YESIs an interpreter required? IF YES, list language and/or dialect:Page 2 of 2CASE SUMMARYCR-72 (12/17) INTERPRETER Alien U.S. Citizen Female Male All countsThis defendant is charged in: This defendant is designated as "High Risk" per 18 USC 247 3146(a)(2) by the U.S. Attorney. 18 USC 247 3166(b)(7). This defendant is designated as "Special Case" per No YesIs defendant a juvenile? No YesIF YES, should matter be sealed? mail/wire fraud environmental issues tax offenses government fraud public corruption financial institution fraudThe area(s) of substantive law that will be involved in this case include(s): immigration offenses narcotics offenses corporate fraud violent crimes/firearms CUSTODY STATUS Defendant is not in custody: No Yesc.PSA supervision?d.Is on bail or release from another district: Defendant is in custody: Federal Statea.Place of incarceration: c.If Federal, U.S. Marshals Service Registration Number: Solely on this charge. Date and time of arrest:d. No Yese.On another conviction: Writ of Issue FederalIF YES : State No Yesf.Awaiting trial on other charges: Federal StateIF YES :ANDThis person/proceeding is transferred from another district pursuant to F.R.Cr.P. EXCLUDABLE TIME Date Alias Name(s) Other b.Posted bond at complaint level on: in the amount of $ Date transferred to federal custody: 20 21 40 Determinations as to excludable time prior to filing indictment/information. EXPLAIN: Only counts: a.Date and time of arrest on complaint: b.Name of Institution: Name of Court: Signature of Assistant U.S. Attorney Print Name OTHER American LegalNet, Inc.

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