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Chapter 11 Supplemental Bankruptcy Closing Report | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Iowa

Chapter 11 Supplemental Bankruptcy Closing Report

This is a Iowa form that can be used for USBC Northern within Federal.

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United States Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Iowa Chapter 11In re Bankruptcy Case No.Debtor CHAPTER 11 SUPPLEMENTAL BANKRUPTCY CLOSING REPORT A. [ ] Plan confirmed [ ] Plan not confirmed B. ______% Dividend to be Paid. q Check Box if future payments are contemplated under Plan but percentage dividend is not determinable FEES AND EXPENSES $_______________________ 1. Trustee Compensation (If Chapter 11 trustee appointed)$_______________________ 2. Fee for Attorney for Trustee (if any) $_______________________ 3. Fee for Attorney(s) for Debtor Paid After case filed$_______________________ 4. Fees - All Other Professionals $_______________________ 5. All out-of-pocket EXPENSES of administration, including trustees (excluding fees) Item A. Confirmation of Plan: Place an X in appropriate box. Item B. Percentage Dividend to be Paid: This item should only be completed when a plan has been confirmed and the petition is not dismissed. The percentage dividend to be reported is that which is to be paid to the unsecured creditors under the plan. It will usually be set forth in the plan reflected as, for example, a 30% payment or 30% dividend to unsecured creditors. NOTE: If the plan contemplates no payment to unsecured creditors, enter a 0" in the percent dividend box. Percentage Dividend Not Determinable: Complete only when a percentage dividend cannot be determined. This spaceis provided for cases where neither the percentage dividend nor dollar amount was disclosed and thus cannot becalculated. Prepared by: _______________________ Date: ________________________Attorneys Name and Address:

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