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7.2. Murder - First Degree

This is a Florida Jury Instructions form that can be used for 07 Homicide within Criminal.

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7.2 MURDER - FIRST DEGREE 782.04(1)(a), Fla. Stat. NOTE TO JUDGE: When there will be instructions on both premeditated and felony murder, the following explanatory paragraph should be read to the jury: There are two ways in which a person may be convicted of first degree murder. One is known as premeditated murder and the other is known as felony murder. To prove the crime of First Degree Premeditated Murder, the State must prove the following three elements beyond a reasonable doubt: 1. [Name of victim] is dead. 2. The death was caused by the criminal act of [name of defendant]. 3. There was a premeditated killing of [name of victim]. An act includes a series of related actions arising from and performed pursuant to a single design or purpose. "Killing with premeditation" is killing after consciously deciding to do so. The decision must be present in the mind at the time of the killing. The law does not fix the exact period of time that must pass between the formation of the premeditated intent to kill and the killing. The period of time must be long enough to allow reflection by the defendant. The premeditated intent to kill must be formed before the killing. The question of premeditation is a question of fact to be determined by you from the evidence. It will be sufficient proof of premeditation if the circumstances of the killing and the conduct of the accused convince you beyond a reasonable doubt of the existence of premeditation at the time of the killing. If a person has a premeditated design to kill one person and in attempting to kill that person actually kills another person, the killing is premeditated.

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