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14.3. Dealing In Stolen Property (Organizing) | Pdf Doc Docx | Florida_JI

14.3. Dealing In Stolen Property (Organizing)

This is a Florida Jury Instructions form that can be used for 14 Theft And Dealing In Stolen Property within Criminal.

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14.3 DEALING IN STOLEN PROPERTY (ORGANIZING) 812.019(2), Fla. Stat. To prove the crime of [crime charged], the State must prove the following two elements beyond a reasonable doubt: 1. [Name of defendant] [initiated] [organized] [planned] [financed] [directed] [managed] [supervised] the theft of[property alleged] . 2. [Name of defendant] trafficked in the[property alleged] . "Property" means anything of value, and includes: real property, including things growing on, affixed on, affixed to and found in land; tangible or intangible personal property, including rights, privileges, interests and claims; and s ervices. "Stolen property" means property that has been the subject of any criminally wrongful taking or if the property has not been stolen, that it was offered for sale to [name of defendant] as stolen property. "Traffic" means: or otherwise disposto sell, transfer, distribute, dispense e of property; and to buy, receive, possess, obtain control of or use property with the intent to sell, transfer, distribute, dispense or otherwise dispose of that property.

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