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10.19. Use Of A Self-Defense Weapon | Pdf Doc Docx | Florida_JI

10.19. Use Of A Self-Defense Weapon

This is a Florida Jury Instructions form that can be used for 10 Weapons Offenses within Criminal.

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10.19 USE OF A SELF-DEFENSE WEAPON F.S. 790.054 To prove the crime of Using a Self-Defense Weapon Against a Law Enforcement Officer, the State mng four elemust prove the followients beyond a reasonable doubt: 1. [Name of defendant] intentionally used a ical spray ] [non lethal stun gun] non lethal electric weapo] n [remote stun gun] against [name of victim]. 2. [Name of victim] was at the time a law enforcement officer. 3. [Name of defendant] knew [name of victim] was a law enforcement officer. 4. At the time of the incident, [name of victim] was engaged in the lawful performance of [name of victim]s duties. The Court now instructions you that me of official position of victim designated in charge] is a law enforcement officer. NOTE TO JUDGE: Do not read the name of the victim in this part of the instruction - insert only the class of officers to which the victim belongs, i.e., probation officer, correctional officer, etc.

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