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Supplemental Information Form

This is a Delaware form that can be used for Chancery Court within Statewide.

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SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION PURSUANT TO RULE 3(A) OF THE RULES OF THE COURT OF CHANCERY The information contained herein is for the use by the Court for statistical and administrative purposes only. Nothing stated herein shall be deemed an admission by or binding upon any party. 1. Caption of Case: 2. Date Filed: 3. Name and address of counsel for plaintiff(s): 4. Short statement and nature of claim asserted: 5. Substantive field of law involved (check one): ____Administrative law ____Labor law ____Commercial law ____Real Property ____Constitutional law ____348 Deed Restriction ____Corporation law ____Zoning ____Trade secrets/trade mark/or other intellectual property ____Trusts, Wills and Estates ____Consent trust petitions ____Partition ____Rapid Arbitration (Rules 96,97) ____Other 6. Related cases, including any Register of Wills matters (this requires copies of all documents in this matter to be filed with the Register of Wills): 7. Basis of court's jurisdiction (including the citation of any statute(s) conferring jurisdiction): 8. If the complaint seeks preliminary equitable relief, state the specific preliminary relief sought. 9. If the complaint seeks a TRO, summary proceedings, a Preliminary Injunction, or Expedited Proceedings, check here ___. (If #9 is checked, a Motion to Expedite must accompany the transaction.) 10. If the complaint is one that in the opinion of counsel should not be assigned to a Master in the first instance, check here and attach a statement of good cause. ____ __________________________________ Signature of Attorney of Record & Bar ID American LegalNet, Inc.

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