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Stipulation For Installment Settlement {COCV1295} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Florida

Stipulation For Installment Settlement {COCV1295}

This is a Florida form that can be used for Small Claims within Local County, Hillsborough.

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$ 13.99


IN THE COUNTY COURT IN AND FOR HILL SBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA CIVI L DIV ISI ON * CASE NO. * DIVISION Plaintiff(s) FLORIDA BAR NO. vs * * * Defendant(s) S TI P UL AT I ON F OR INS TA LL M EN T S ET TL EM EN T Plaintiff and defendant(s), by the signatures below, stipulate that defendant(s) is/are indebted to plaintiff in the sum of $ , plus court costs of $ , interest of $ , and attorneysfees of $ , which defendant(s) agree(s) to pay in installments of $ , the first ofsuch payments to be due on the day of , , and continuing each until paid in full. If the total sum is paid timely and in full, plaintiff agrees that nojudgment shall be entered against the defendant(s), and that additional costs and interest shall be waived. If the defendant(s) shall default in payment hereunder, plaintiff shall be entitled to judgment, execution, costs, and interest at the rate of after submission of written application and affidavit of non-payment to the court, without notice. Defendant(s) acknowledge(s) delivery of a true copy hereof at ,Hillsborough County, Florida. AL L PAYM ENTS ARE TO BE MADE PAYABLE TO : and mailed or delivered to: TIME IS O F THE ESSE NCE IN THIS AGREEMENT / / Plaintiff/Attorney for Plaintiff Address Telephone / / Defendant (Signature) Address Telephone COCV1295 ( 03-01-05) American LegalNet, Inc.

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