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CD Order Form

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for USBC Eastern within Federal.

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REV 3/13 E.D.N.C. Local 1. NAME: 3. MAILING ADDRESS: UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT, EASTERN DISTRICT OF NORTH CAROLINA CD ORDER FORM 2. PHONE NUMBER: 4. CITY / STATE / ZIP: 5. CASE NUMBER: 6. CASE NAME: DATE OF PROCEEDING: 7. 8. PRESIDING JUDGE: LOCATION OF PROCEEDING: 9. CITY: 10. ORDER FOR: BANKRUPTCY CASE ADVERSARY PROCEEDING TRIAL 11. CD REQUESTED (Specify portion(s) and date(s) of proceeding(s) for which duplicate CD(s) are requested.) PORTION (S) DATE PORTION(S) ENTIRE PROCEEDING OPENING STATEMENT (Plaintiff) OPENING STATEMENT (Defendant) CLOSING ARGUMENT (Plaintiff) CLOSING ARGUMENT (Defendant) OPINION OF COURT TESTIMONY (Specify Witness) OTHER (Specify) 12. ORDER I request this CD to be recorded in the following format: Standard .wav format for playback in CD player. (larger file) .mp3 format for playback on my computer or mp3 playback device. (smaller file) No. of CDs: 13. METHOD OF PAYMENT: CHECK / MONEY ORDER CHARGE TO CREDIT CARD CERTIFICATION (14 & 15) By signing below, I certify that I have paid all charges for this order. Credit Card #: Name Shown on Card: Expiration Date: 14. SIGNATURE: 15. DATE: DATE ORDER RECEIVED: BY CD DUPLICATED: CD MAILED TO PARTY: TOTAL CHARGES: American LegalNet, Inc. INSTRUCTIONS GENERAL Use. Use this form to order duplicate CDs of proceedings. Complete a separate order form for each case number for which CDs ordered. Completion. Complete Items 1-14. Do not complete shaded areas which are reserved for the court's use. Order Copy. Keep a copy for your records. Mailing or Delivering to the Court. Upload via docket entry in CM/ECF (Bankruptcy Events/Miscellaneous/Request for CD of hearing/trial). Alternatively, you may mail, fax or e-mail a copy to the Clerk's Office of the United States Bankruptcy Court, to the attention of the Electronic Court Administrator. Fee. There is a $30.00 charge per CD requested. Electronic request require payment online through Submissions received by mail, fax, or email should complete Box 13 on page 1 of this form. Please remit funds in the form of a money order, cashier's check, firm check made payable to the Unites States Bankruptcy Court or by charging to a firm credit card. If the fee submitted was insufficient to cover all charges, the court will notify you of the balance due which must be paid prior to receiving the completed CDs. Delivery Time. Delivery time is computed from the date of receipt of the fee. Completion of Order. Upon completion the court will mail CDs by first class mail to the address provided via the United States Postal Service. SPECIFIC Items 1-14. Item 5. Item 10. Item 11. Item 12. Item 13: Item 14. Item 15. These items should always be completed. Only one case number may be listed per order form. Place an "X" in each box that applies. Check specific portion(s) and list specific date(s) of the proceedings for which a copy is requested. Place an "X" in each box that applies. Indicate the number of additional copies ordered. Place an "X" in the appropriate box and complete credit card information if applicable. Sign in this space to certify that all charges have been paid. Enter the date of signing. Shaded area reserved for the court's use. American LegalNet, Inc.

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