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Small Claims Instructions Summary Ejectments {MCSC-SC-002} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | North Carolina

Small Claims Instructions Summary Ejectments {MCSC-SC-002}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Mecklenburg (District 26) within Local County.

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SMALL CLAIMS INSTRUCTIONS (SUMMARY EJECTMENTS) GENERAL: 1. The money limit in Small Claims is $4,000.00. 2. NO PERSONAL CHECKS -- MONEY ORDERS, CASH OR BUSINESS CHECKS ONLY. 3. The Defendant(s) MUST be a resident of Mecklenburg County and you MUST furnish full name and address. A Post Office Box Number cannot be used. 4. Be sure to use zip codes and phone numbers if you have them. 5. PLEASE PRINT (BLACK INK ONLY) OR TYPE FORMS. They must be legible in order for accuracy in processing. You must check last copies for legibility. SUMMARY EJECTMENTS: 1. Copies needed for: One Defendant - Three (3) Complaints Five (5) Summons Two Defendants - Four (4) Complaints Six (6) Summons You can no longer use carbon on complaints. 2. You MUST provide a stamped envelope addressed to the Defendant(s). A copy of the Complaint and Summons is mailed to the Defendant(s) in addition to being served by the Deputy. 3. You MUST to provide a stamped self-addressed envelope so that Notice of Hearing Date can be mailed to you. Please note that this Notice will be a copy of the Magistrate Summons you provided. 4. The Complaint form needs to be completely filled out. It must be dated and signed by you, the Plaintiff. 5. The Summons is directed to the Defendant(s) and you MUST complete the top of the form with the name and address of the Defendant(s). A phone number is helpful. DO NOT SIGN THIS FORM. DO NOT XEROX THE FORMS (they cannot be accepted). FEES: Filing Fee -- $45.00 Service Fee -- $ 5.00 for each Defendant. HEARING DATE: Summary Ejectment cases are set approximately twelve (12) days from filing. PLEASE READ YOUR INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. THE CLERKS OF THIS OFFICE CANNOT ASSIST YOU IN COMPLETING THESE FORMS. Mailing Address: Location: Clerk of Superior Court Clerk of Superior Court Attention: Civil Department Civil Department--Room 214 P. O. Box 37971 800 E. Fourth Street Charlotte, NC 28237-7971 Charlotte, NC 28202 MCSC-SC-002 07/00

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