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Final Decree Of Emancipation {J-901M} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | North Carolina

Final Decree Of Emancipation {J-901M}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Juvenile within Statewide.

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File No. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA In The General Court Of Justice County District Court Division IN THE MATTER OF: Name Of Juvenile Date Of Birth Age FINAL DECREE OF Address EMANCIPATION City, State, Zip G.S. 7B-3505 This matter was heard upon the verified petition of the above named juvenile for a judicial decree of emancipation. The Court finding the following facts: 1. The following persons were present for the hearing: 2. All parties are properly before the Court, or were duly served and failed to appear, and the time for filing an answer has expired. 3. Other: After considering the petition and the evidence presented, the Court concludes as a matter of law: 1. The petitioner has shown a proper and lawful plan for adequately providing for his/her own needs and living expenses. The petitioner is knowingly seeking emancipation and fully understands the ramifications of his/her act. 2. Emancipation is in the best interests of the petitioner. 3. It is DECREED that the petitioner is emancipated, and that he/she shall have the same right to make contracts and conveyances, to sue and be sued, and to transact business as if he/she were an adult. It is further DECREED that the parent or guardian is relieved of all legal duties and obligations owed to the petitioner and is divested of all rights with respect to the petitioner. It is ORDERED that the cost for this proceeding be taxed to , or be waived.Date Name Of Presiding Judge (Type Or Print) Signature Of Presiding Judge AOC-J-901M, Rev. 3/02 2002 Administrative Office of the Courts

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