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Case Conference Status Report |  Docx | Nevada

Case Conference Status Report

This is a Nevada form that can be used for Discovery within County, Clark, District Court.

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RPT Attorneys Name Attorneys Bar Number Attorneys Firm Name Attorneys Address Attorneys Phone Number Party Attorney represents DISTRICT COURT CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA ) ) Plaintiff, ) ) v. ) CASE NO. ) DEPT NO. ) DOCKET NO. ) Defendants. ) ________________________________) CASE CONFERENCE STATUS REPORT I. PROCEEDINGS PRIOR TO CASE CONFERENCE REPORT A. DATE OF FILING OF COMPLAINT: March 8, _____. B. DATE OF SERVICE OF COMPLAINT: April 3, _____. C. DATE OF FILING OF ANSWER: May 15, _____. D. DATE OF CASE CONFERENCE OR REASON CASE CONFERENCE HAS NOT BEEN HELD: Case Conference has not been held: [e.g., Defendant, Sam Spade, filed a petition in Federal Bankruptcy Court on May 31, _____, Case No. BK-LV-92-0000. All action is stayed at this time.] E. DATE WHEN FULL CASE CONFERENCE REPORT WILL BE FILED: December 15, _______. American LegalNet, Inc.<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 II. A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE NATURE OF THE ACTION Suit for money due on open account for sale of goods III. - VII. Parts III, through VII are not applicable at this time. VIII. THE UNDERSIGNED ATTORNEYS AFFIRM THEY HAVE DISCUSSED POSSIBLE SETTLEMENT OF THE ACTION, AS WELL AS USE OF EXTRAJUDICIAL PROCEDURES OR ALTERNATE METHODS OF DISPUTE RESOLUTION TO RESOLVE THE CASE: [The progress in this area, if any, should be noted.] This report is signed in accordance with rule 11 of the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure. By______________________________ By_____________________________ Attorney for Plaintiff Attorney for Defendant American LegalNet, Inc.

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