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Civil Appeal Transcript Information (Form D) {D} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Official Federal Forms

Civil Appeal Transcript Information (Form D) {D}

This is a Official Federal Forms form that can be used for 2nd Circuit Court Of Appeals within Circuit Court Of Appeals.

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UNITED STATE S COURT OF APPEA LS FOR THE SEC OND CIRCUIT CIVIL APPEAL TRANSCRIPT INFORM ATION (FORM D) NOTICE TO CO UN SEL: COUNSEL FOR THE APPELLANT M UST FILE AN ORIGI NAL AND ONE COPY OF THIS FORM WITH THE CLERK OF THE SECOND CI RCUIT I N ALL CI VIL A PPEALS WITHI N TEN (10) CALENDAR DAYS AFTER FILING A NOTICE O F APPEAL. THIS SECTION MUST BE COMPLETED BY COUNSEL FOR APPELLANT CASE TITLE DISTRICT DOCKET NUMBER JUDGE APPELLANT COURT REPORTER COUNSEL FOR APPELLANT Check the applicable provision: PROVIDE A DESCRIPTION, INCLUDING DATES, OF THE PROCEEDINGS FOR WHICH A TRANSCRIPT IS REQUIRED (i.e., oral argument, order from the bench, etc.) 9 I am ordering a transcript. 9 I am not ordering a transcript Reason for not ordering a transcript: 9 Copy is already available 9 No transcribed proceedings 9 Other (Specify in the space below):METHOD OF PAYMENT 9 Funds 9 CJA Voucher (CJA 21) INSTRUCTIONS TO COURT REPORTER: DELIVER TRANSCRIPT TO: (COUNSELS NAME, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE) 9 PREPARE TRANSCRIPT OF PRE-TRIAL PROCEEDINGS 9 PREPARE TRANSCRIPT OF TRIAL 9 PREPARE TRANSCR IPT OF OTHER POST-TRIAL PRO CEEDING S 9 OTHER (Specify in the space below): I certify that I have made satisfactory arrangements with the court reporter for payment of the cost of the transcript. See Fed. R. App. P. 10(b). I understand that unless I have already ordered the transcript, I shall order its preparation at the time required by the Civil Appeals Management Plan, the Fed. R. App. P., and the local rules. COUNSELS SIGNATURE DATE COURT REPORTER ACKNOWLE DGMENT: This section is to be completed by the court reporter. Return one copy to the Clerk of the Second Circuit. DATE ORDER REC EIVED ESTIMA TED COMPLETION DATE ESTIMA TED NUMBER OF PAGES SIGNATURE OF COURT REPORTED DATE FORM D (Rev. April 2005) American LegalNet, Inc.

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