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Electronic Filing And Service Order {EFSO} |  Docx | Nevada

Electronic Filing And Service Order {EFSO}

This is a Nevada form that can be used for Civil within County, Clark, District Court.

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1 EFSO 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 DISTRICT COURT 9 CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA 10 11 12 ) CASE NO. ) 13 ) DEPT. NO. ) 14 ) ) 15 Plaintiff(s), ) ) 16 ) ELECTRONIC FILING AND - vs- ) SERVICE ORD ER 17 ) ) 18 ) ) 19 ) ) 20 Defendant(s). ) ) 21 ) 22 23 I GENERAL 24 A. APPLICATION OF ORDER 25 The Court hereby designates the above-entitled action an Electronic Filing (EFile) case, as26 described and governed by this Order. This case is assigned to the Electronic Filing Program (EFP) 27 as created by the Clark County District Court Electronic Filing Program Service Agreement dated 28 October 4, 2002 between Wiznet, Inc. and the District Court, Clark County, State of Nevada, Page 1 of 10 American LegalNet, Inc. www.USCourtForms.com<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 1 (hereinafter referred to as Court), or any successor program. All parties to the above case shall 2 enter into an Electronic Filing Subscriber Agreement with Wiznet or the then-current vendor (the 3 Vendor) prior to the commencement date hereinafter set forth. Statutory filing fees will be paid 4 directly to the Court as set forth below. This Electronic Filing and Service O rder shall be filed and 5 served in the traditional manner. The commencement date for electronic filing and service shall 6 be , 20 . All subsequent filings and service upon parties shall be done 7 through the Vendors System. 8 B. DEFINITIONS 9 The following terms in this Order shall be defined as follows: 10 1. EDocument - An electronic file of a word processing document which 11 contains almost exclusively text. 12 2. EFile- Electronic transmission of an original document to the Court via the13 Vendors system. An EFile consists of either an EDocument, an EImage, 14 or both. 15 3. EImage - An electronic file of a document that has been scanned or 16 converted to a graphical or image format. 17 4. EMail - A system for sending and receiving messages electronically over a18 computer network or a message or messages sent or received by such a 19 system. 20 5. EService - Electronic transmission of an EDocument or EImage to all other21 designated recipients via the Vendors system by EMail. After a successful22 transmission to the Vendors system, a receipt sent by EMail is issued 23 acknowledging confirmation by the Vendors system. The Vendor will 24 transmit the EDocument via a URL link to all recipients by EMail 25 (including the filing party) identifying the filing. This EMail shall serve as26 proof that the document has been filed with the Vendor. The associated 27 EDocument will contain the file stamp in the right hand corner of the first28 page. Page 2 of 10 American LegalNet, Inc. www.USCourtForms.com<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 1 C. ASSIGNMENT BY THE VENDOR OF EFP ACCESS INFORMATION 2 Upon proper registration to the EFP by the "Interested EFiling Party" an d acceptance of 3 4 the EFile Subscriber Agreement, the Vendor (system) shall assign to the party or the partys 5 designated representative(s) an account on the system with secured access via a user specified 6 "user name" and password. This security access information must be used in order to gain 7 access to the system to electronically file, serve, receive, review, and retrieve pleadings, 8 Orders, and other documents filed in the assigned case. No "Registered User" shall knowingly 9 10 authorize or permit his/her access information to be utilized by anyone other than authorized 11 and EFP registered attorneys or employees of the attorneys law firm, or designated co-counsel, 12 unless it has been established in writing, and furnished to the Vendor, that the designated party 13 may file documents on behalf of the assigning counsel. 14 15 16 II ELECTRONIC FILING OF PLEADINGS AND OTHER DOCUMENTS 17 A. SUBSEQUENT PLEADINGS 18 The Clerk shall not accept nor file any pleadings or instruments in paper form, except 19 20 for those listed in Section V of this Order. 21 Parties must EFile a document through the Vendor system via the Internet at the 22 following URL: 23 clarkcounty.lawplace.com 24 B. MAINTENANCE OF ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS 25 26 Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, an original of all documents filed electronically, 27 including original signatures, shall be maintained by the party filing the document and shall be 28 Page 3 of 10 American LegalNet, Inc. www.USCourtForms.com<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4 1 made available, upon reasonable notice, for inspection by other counsel o r the Court. 2 C. TIME FOR FILING AND EFFECT OF USE OF EFILE 3 Any pleading filed electronically shall be considered as filed with the Clerk of the 4 District Court when it is first transmitted to the Vendor and the transmission is completed 5 6 (filing party receives EMail from Vendor indicating date and time received). Vendor is hereby 7 appointed the agent of the Clerk of the District Court as to the electronic filing, receipt, service, 8 and/or retrieval of any pleading or document in the EFP. Upon receipt of a document, the 9 10 Vendors system shall issue a confirmation that the document has been received. The 11 confirmation shall serve as proof the document has been received. Upon acceptance by Clerk, 12 the Vendor shall transmit an EMail to all subscribing parties stating that the document has been 13 received and filed. This EMail shall serve as proof that the document has been filed. The 14 document will be posted on the Vendors system and available for downloading and/or 15 16 viewing. 17 D. SYSTEM OR USER FILING ERRORS 18 If it is shown that the electronic filing is not filed with the Court because of (1) an error19 in the transmission of the document to the Vendor which was unknown to the sending party, or 20 21 (2) a failure to process the electronic filing when received by the Ve ndor, the Court may enter 22 an Order permitting the document to be filed nunc pro tunc. 23 24 III FORM/FORMAT OF ELECTRONICALLY FILED DOCUMENTS 25 A. FORMAT 26 27 All electronically filed documents shall, to the extent practicable, be formatted in 28 accordance with the applicable rules governing formatting of paper pleadings, and in such other Page 4 of 10 American LegalNet, Inc. www.USCourtForms.com<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 5 1 or further format as the Court may require from time to time. The date and time of the hearing 2 or trial in connection with which the document is submitted shall be designated on the first page 3 of each document. 4 5 So that this case may be easily recognizable as an EFile case, all documents shall 6 contain th

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