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Notary Public Commission Application | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Wyoming

Notary Public Commission Application

This is a Wyoming form that can be used for Notaries Public within Secretary Of State.

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Wyoming Notary Public Commission Application Instructions: Type or print clearly, filling in all blanks. Incomplete or illegible forms may be returned. 1. Commission Name Style (type or print name to exactly match signature below) 2. County of Residence 3. Gender Male Female 4. Last Name 5. First Name 6. Middle Name 7. Residential Address (street/route) 8. City 9. Zip Code 10. Home/ Cell Phone 11. Mailing Address (where notary information will be mailed) 12. City 13. Zip Code 14. Name of Employer 15. Business Phone 16. Address of Employer 17. City 18. Zip Code 19. I am applying for: A new commission; or A renewal of my current commission. My current commission expiration date is: ___________________ 20. Have you ever been a Wyoming notary? Yes, under the name of ______________________________ in ________________________ County. No. Certification: Please check all that apply, then sign (as shown in Item #1) and date the application. I certify that: 1) I am 18 years of age or older. 2) I am able to read and write the English language. 3) I am a resident of the State of Wyoming and of the County for which I am making an application. 4) I have not been convicted of a felony or 5) I have been convicted of a felony and my felony conviction has been: Reversed or annulled; Pardoned; or All rights have been restored pursuant to W.S. 7-13-105(a). I further certify that I understand the duties and responsibilities imposed on notaries public under Wyoming law and understand that breach of said responsibility may result in criminal penalties including imprisonment. _______________________________________ Signature of Applicant (must match Item #1 above) Filing Fee: $30.00 (make checks payable to "Secretary of State") Submit application and filing fee to: _____________________________ Date Ed Murray Secretary of State Attn: Notary Officer 2020 Carey Ave, Ste 700 Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020 Ph. 307.777.7370 Revised 11/2015 American LegalNet, Inc.

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