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Order Granting Full Guardianship (Of Minor) {2720} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Nevada

Order Granting Full Guardianship (Of Minor) {2720}

This is a Nevada form that can be used for Family within County, Washoe, District Court.

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1 Code: 2720 2 3 IN THE FAMILY DIVISION 4 5 OF THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA 6 IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE 7 8 In The Matter Of The Guardianship Case No. Of the Person, The Estate, or The 9 Person and Estate of: Dept. No. 10 11 12 13 A Minor Child / Minor Children. 14 ________________________________________/ 15 ORDER GRANTING FULL GUARDIANSHIP 16 (Form #8) 17 Upon review of the verified Petition For Appointment of Guardian(s) submitted by 18 and 19 (Petitioners name) (Second Petitioner, if applicable) the same having come on regularly for hearing on this date before the above-entitled Court and it 20 appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that proper notice of the hearing of this matter has been 21 22 duly given in the manner required by law; that all allegations contained in the verified petition are 23 true and correct; and good cause appearing therefore, 24 IT IS HEREBY ORDERED AND DETERMINED BY THE COURT THAT: 25 : date of birth: (Childs name) 26 : date of birth: 27 : date of birth: 28 : date of birth: 01/13/04 1 <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 1 minor child(ren) incapable of own care and control; (is or are) (his, her, or their) 2 That the above named minor child(ren) are residents of the State of Nevada; 3 4 That notice has been served upon the parents and/or any other persons or agency having the 5 care, custody and control of the minor child(ren); 6 That it is in the best interests of the nad mime nor child(ren) to be under the full guardianship 7 of the Petitioner(s). 8 That the natural parents and (Mothers name) 9 10 have been found: (Fathers name) 11 __________ To be unable to care for the minor child(ren) at this time. 12 13 __________ To be unable to provide the necessities for the minor child(ren) at this time. __________ Not to be fit and proper person(s) to have the care, custody or control of the 14 person, the estate or the person and estate of the minor child(ren). 15 16 That and (Petitioners name) (Second Petitioners name if applicable) 17 be, and hereby (is/are)__________ appointed to act as guardian(s) of : 18 19 __________ The person only __________ The estate only 20 __________ The person and the estate 21 22 of the above-named minor child(ren) after posting bond in the amount of $__________________; 23 and shall have the power and authority as may be necessary for the benefit of the minor child(ren) 24 until further Order of this Court. 25 Dated this _____________day of ________________________, 200____. 26 27 ________________________________ 28 DISTRICT JUDGE 01/13/04 2

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