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Section 362 Information Sheet

This is a Nevada form that can be used for Bankruptcy Court within Federal.

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* * 362 INFORMATION SHEET * * BK- DEBTOR BANKRUPTCY # MOTION # CHAPTER: MOVANT PROPERTY INVOLVED IN THIS MOTION: NOTICE SERVED ON: Debtor(s) ; Debtors counsel ; Trustee ;DATE OF SERVICE: MOVING PARTYS CONTENTIONS : DEBTORS CONTENTIONS : The EXTENT and PRIORITY of LIENS: The EXTENT and PRIORITY of LIENS: 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd 4th 4th Other: Other: Total Encumbrances: Total Encumbrances: APPRAISAL of OPINION as to VALUE: APPRAISAL of OPINION as to VALUE: TERMS of MOVANTS CONTRACT DEBTORS OFFER of "ADEQUATE PROTECTION"for with the DEBTOR(S):: MOVANT : Amount of Note: . . Interest Rate: Duration: . Payment per Month: . Date of Default: . Amount in Arrears: . Date of Notice of Default: . SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: SUBMITTED BY: SUBMITTED BY: SIGNATURE: SIGNATURE: EXHIBIT A MLS-Sec-362-Inf. District of Nevada<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 INSTRUCTIONS for Section 362 Information Sheet To expedite the hearing of 362 motions for relief from the automatic stay, the moving party shall complete and file with the motion a copy of this "Exhibit A" which must be duplicated on colore d paper. "Exhibit A" requir es a statement of the nature and extent of the liens on th e debtors property at issue. The movant must show at least the status of the movant s lien and any senior liens. At the Courts discretion, the motion may be denied if this exhibit has not been completed and filed, unless the information is not applicable (such as for motions to lift stay to allow litigation to proceed). This "Exhibit A" shall be attached to the mo tion and a copy served on the debtor. The debtor shall indicate disagr eement on the right side of the additional copy provided by the movant. The debtor sh all file the completed form as "Exhibit A" to the debtors formal response or opposition to the motion. Special circumstances that would compel th e granting or denial of the requested relief shall be set forth briefly on the bottom of this "Exhibit A" and shall be explained more fully in the mo tion or response. NOTICING REQUIREMENTS The Court will not hear a motion not properly noti ced. Unless the Court otherwise orders, twenty (20) days notice of all moti ons for relief from the automatic stay must be served on the debtor(s), the debtor(s) a ttorney and, where applicable, on the Chapter 7 trustee, the Chapter 13 standing trustee, or the Chapter 11 trustee. See Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure 4001, 9014, and 7004, and the Local Rules of Practice for the District of Nevada, LR 4001 and LR 9013. MLS-Sec-362-Inf. District of Nevada

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