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Pretrial Brief | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | South Carolina

Pretrial Brief

This is a South Carolina form that can be used for Court Of Common Pleas within Local County, Georgetown.

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STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA ) IN THE COURT OF ) COMMON PLEAS ) COUNTY OF GEORGETOWN ) PLF DEF PRETRIAL BRIEF ) ) __________________________, ) P laintiff(s) ) ) ) ) C/A # ____-CP____-_____ ) V s. ) ) __________________________, ) Defendant(s) ) ) ___________________________ ) 1. Name of attorney handling case (not firm name) ____________________. Attorneys phone # ___________________________________________. 2. Are all motions disposed of?Y/N. . If not, did you comply with Rule 11? Y/N. List Pending motions and date filed: a. _____________________________________________________ b. _____________________________________________________ c. _____________________________________________________ 3. Is discovery completed?Y/N. If not, list what remains: a. _____________________________________________________ b. _____________________________________________________ 4. Briefly and concisely state the facts upon which the claim or defenses are based: ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 5. The issues involved in the case are: _______________________________ 6. List names of witnesses to be called at trial and give brief statement as to what each would testify (Specify if expert and what field): 1 <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 I hereby certify that the address of each witness is known and to the best of my knowledge each witness will beailable f av or trial. Attorney should initial ________. If not reason: ________________________________________________ 7. Unique legal authorities upon which the claim or defense is based: (list, do not Copy, Code sections you request to be charged) _________________. 8. State any unusual questions concerning admission of evidence or procedure likely to arise at trial: ____________________________________________________________ 9. List exhibits to be offered at trial: (if sketch or plat is to be used, must present at Pretrial-blackboard to be used only during final argument). a. _________________________ b. ____________________________ b. _________________________ d. ____________________________ I hereby certify that I have presented the exhibits to opposing counsel for review. Attorney should initial ____________. 10. State damages (please total the amount of damages) $ ________________. a. Amount of total medical bills and to whom owed (list total and then list separately) Total Medical Bills _______________________________________ List separately ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ b. Lost wages-list rate of pay, whether net or gross, number of days, weeks, etc., and name of employer: _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 2 <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 c. Amount claimed for pain and suffering, if any: $_______________ d. Nature of injury-if permanent-disability rating (of body part, of whole person)-age of party-life expectancy: e. Property damage-amount of repair bill-loss of use and depreciation, if any-total loss amount claimed: f. If contract case-attach copy if oral, state substance: 11. If representing insurance company, list name of comny, type of pa coverage(i.e., Primary, UM, UIM) and amount of coverage: ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 12. Absolute minimum/maximum aount which attorney, in good faith, could m recommend to client in settlement: $_____________________________. Please do not come to pretrial without some authority or without having discussed settlement with client. 13. Anticipated length of trial: ______hour(s), or _____days(s). Attorney should request day certain if needed (only day certain allowed is first case on each Monday). 14. Under SCRCP 48, I agree to a jury of 6 8 10 12 (circle one) Jurors with the usual four strikes per party. I agree to waive the alternate juror. Y/N. 3<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4 15. This case will be ready to be tried at the term for which it will be for trial. Y/N State any reason why the case cannot be tried at the term for which it will be for trial: ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 16. Are you willing to mediate this case? __________YES ________NO if not, why not? _____________________________________________ 17. Are you willing to submit this case to binding arbitration? __________YES ________NO if not, why not? _____________________________________________ I hereby certify that I have read this pretrial brief and attest to the correctness thereof. Dated: ___________2002 _____________________ Principal Trial Attorney You must exchange pretrial briefs with opposing counsel as required by Ellis v. Proctor and Gamble, ____S.C. ____, 433 S.E.2d 856 (1993). Please bringthree (3 ) copies of the pretrial brief, one for the judge, the law clerk, and opposing counsel. 4

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