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Motion Information Form And Cover Sheet | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | South Carolina

Motion Information Form And Cover Sheet

This is a South Carolina form that can be used for Family Court within Local County, Charleston.

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STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA IN THE FAMILY COURT COUNTY OF CHARLESTON CASE NO.: _______ - DR 10 - ___________ ______________________________ ) [ ] Plaintiff ) MOTION INFORMATION FORM AND ) C OVER SHEET v. ) ) ______________________________ ) [ ] Defendant CHECK BOX ABOVE INDICATING SUBMITTING PARTY Name, SC Bar No. and Address of plaintiffs attorney Name, SC Bar No. and Address of defendants attorney Telephone: Fax: Telephone: Fax: E-mail: Other: E-mail: Other: Attach separate sheet for additional parties (i.e. guardians, etc.) [ ] MOTION HEARING REQUESTED (attach written motion and complete Sections I, II and III) [ ] FORM MOTION, NO HEARING REQUESTED (complete Sections I and III) SECTION I: Hearing Information Nature of Motion: _______________________________________________________________ Est. Time Needed:______ Court Reporter Needed: Y/ N Court Interpreter Needed: Y/N Type: _________ Conflict Dates:__________________________________________________________________________ SECTION II: Motion Type [ ] Written motion attached [ ] Form motion COPY OF THIS REQUEST MUST BE SENT TO OPPOSING ATTORNEY PRIOR TO MAILING TO THE SCHEDULING CLERK BY REQUESTING ATTORNEY. OPPOSING ATTORNEY MUST RESPOND IMMEDIATELY TO REQUESTING ATTORNEY IF THE ESTIMATED TIME RE QUESTED IS INADEQUATE SO THAT THE PROPER AMOUNT OF TIME CAN BE REQUESTED AND OF CONFLICT DATES. I hereby certify that I have complied with Rule 11, SCRCP. I certify that this case is not 270 days old or it has been restored by order of the court. ____________________________________ ______________ Signature of Attorney for Plaintiff/Defenda Date nt submitted S ECTION III: Motion Fee [ ] PAID AMOUNT: __________________ [ ] EXEMPT: [ ] RTSC (child and spousal support) [ ] State Agency v. Indigent Party [ ] Domestic Abuse or Abuse or Neglect [ ] Motion for Stay in Bankruptcy [ ] Indigent Status [ ] Motion for Publication [ ] Proposed order submitted at request coofurt; or, reduced to writing from motion made in open court per judges instructions Name of Court Reporter: ______________________________ [ ] Other: __________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ J UDGES SECTION [ ] Motion fee to be paid upon filing of the attached order. JUDGE: ____________________ [ ] Other: CODE:______ DATE:_______ _____________________________________________________________________________________ CLERKS VERIFICATION Collected by: _______________________________________ Date Filed: __________________ ( Print Name) [ ] MOTION FEE COLLEC TED: __________________ [ ] CONTESTED AMOUNT DUE: __________________

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