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Direct Deposit Enrollment Form | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | South Carolina

Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

This is a South Carolina form that can be used for Family Court within Local County, Charleston.

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DIRECT DEPOSIT ENROLLMENT FORM Now you can have your Child Support deposited directly into your bank account without ever having to go to the bank. The Direct Deposit program was created by Julie J. Armstrong, Charleston County Clerk of Court for your convenience and is completely optional. It==s fast When a payment is made to your account, instead of mailing a check, your money is deposited into your bank account. It==s free There is no charge for this service. It is only another option in the way that you receive your support money. From the day you sign up for Direct Deposit, the very next payment made to your account will generate a check that will be mailed to your address. The next payment after that will be sent to you via Direct Deposit. If you would like to take advantage of this new service, simply fill out the bottom of this form and return it to the Family Court Support Division along with a voided check from your bank account. Please note that unless you are signing the form in person with your picture I.D., your signature must be notarized for your protection. Name SSN Case Number _______-DR-10-_________ Bank Name Routing Number * ____________________________________ * The routing number is the first group of numbers printed at the bottom of your check; either 8 or 9 digits. Please Check One: Deposit into my checking account Account Number Deposit into my savings account Account Number I authorize my support payments to be deposited directly into my bank account. Date Sign Here Daytime Phone Number Check here if you have more than one case and you want Direct Deposit on all Sworn and Subscribed before me this day of , My commission expires: Mail to: Charleston County Family Court, Support Division, P.O. Box 934, Charleston SC 29402

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