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Notice To Restore {SCCA-224} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | South Carolina

Notice To Restore {SCCA-224}

This is a South Carolina form that can be used for Court Of General Sessions within Statewide.

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GENERAL SESSIONS NOTICE TO RESTORE WARRANT NO. _____________________ INDICTMENT NO. ________ GS ____________________ (if indicted) Defendant ______________________________________________________________________________ was arrested on ___________________________________________________________ and charged with _______________________________________________________________________________________ . On _______________________(date) this case was administratively removed from the docket of pending cases with leave to restore and notice is hereby given that said case is restored for trial because: The defendant entered the PTI program on ________________________________________ but has failed to successfully complete the program. The defendant was judicially committed on ________________________________________ but has now been reported to be competent to stand trial. The defendant failed to appear for trial on _________________________________________ but is now available to stand trial. Notice given this __________________________ day of ________________________, 20 ____________. __________________________________________ Solicitor ______________________________ Judicial Circuit Solicitor will complete this three part form on each warrant being restored, remove and retain the pink copy and transmit to the clerk the original and green copy. The clerk will initiate a new docket sheet using the original information (warrant number, date of arrest, etc.). The clerk will attach the green copy of this form to the green copy of the docket sheet and mail both to Court Administration. The clerk will attach the white copy of this form to the original docket sheet of the case that was administratively removed. NOTE: No unindicted warrant can be restored after being dismissed for more than two (2) years. SCCA / 224 (9/90)

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