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Notice Of Opposition To Mobile Home Lien | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Nevada

Notice Of Opposition To Mobile Home Lien

This is a Nevada form that can be used for Civil within County, Clark, Justice Court, Henderson Township.

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JUSTICE COURT , HENDERSON TOWNSHIP CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA Petitioner, - vs - CASE NO. DEPT. NO. NOTICE OF OPPOSITION Respondent. TO MOBILE HOME LIEN _____________________________________________/ Petitioner, ______________________________________ (owner, tenant, subtenant, secured party) of a mobile home identified as __________________________________________ , I.D. # ________________________________located at ___________________________________________________________ (in a mobile home park/not in a mobile home park) does hereby notify all concerned parties of opposition to the lien filed on ______________________________ byResponde nt on the above described mobile homtice Court to set a hearing to determe and requests the Jusine whether: (a) the lien is valid; (b) the amount of the lien is appropriate; (c) the sale date is proper; Petitioner asserts the following facts in support of this opposition: _____ I (have/have not) been served with a notice of Lien Sale by Auction on __________________________ nd no ma ore than 5 days have elapsed since the service. _____ The lien is for (rent/labor, materials or storage) _____ I (paid/tendered) to the creditor the sum of $________________ which amount equals (all/part) of the funds due. That payment was (accepted/rejected) on _________________. The amount of that payment (is/is not) reflected in the lien. _____ The amount of the lien is in excess of two months rent plus costs. The mhlyont rent is $_______________ and costs equal $________________. _____ The proposed sale date is inappropriate because: (a) The Notice of Sale by Auction was served on ______________________________, which date is (more than 30 days/less than 10 days) before the scheduled sale. (b) The sale which is scheduled for _______________________________ is less than 4 months since default of rent, which default occurred on _______________________________. SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this SIGNATURE OF PETITIONER _____ day of ________________________, 20____. ADDRESS NOTARY PUBLIC in and for said County and State TELEPHONE American LegalNet, Inc.

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